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The Universe is inviting you to step forward, to free yourself from the shackles of your past and limiting beliefs, and to dream as big as you can, as wide as you can, as far as you can.

La Luna is bringing us the energy of hope.



  • Sydney: Thursday 23 April 1.26pm
  • Hong Kong: Thursday 23 April 11.26am
  • Moscow: Thursday 23 April 6.26am
  • Paris: Thursday 23 April 5.26am
  • London: Thursday 23 April 4.26am
  • New York: Wednesday 22 April 11.26pm
  • Los Angeles: Wednesday 22 April 8.26pm




The New Moon may feel like a quiet time, perhaps in comparison to the Full Moons potent energy, but in fact, it’s arguably the most powerful time to manifest your dreams.

This is a time to look forward; to dream; to plan; to create space for and to invite in. This New Moon is the absolute embodiment of manifestation. This New Moon is the most fertile New Moons of the year – La Luna loves to be in Taurus with its stable, earthy energy and together they aim to take us far.

It’s brought to us in such divine timing to harness the power of the astrological New Year and Aries Season, and to direct this energy into a long lasting and secure project, as Taurus does.

There are chances here to upgrade and change our lives, and the Taurus New Moon represents a time where we can plant those seeds. Our opportunity to build a better future is here. Under the flow of this potent energy, we are being called to think about what we wish to create. We are being asked to dream as far and wide as we can, to claim that dream as ours and then start taking small, methodical steps in order to reach it.

But know that while there is a focus on our physical resources, La Luna also brings a reminder that we have a never ending well of inner resources too, and if you are feeling lack, scarcity or fear; go inward. Dig deeper than ever and you will find all that you need. Your life experience, skills, talents and connections all resources and something to bring a sense of stability and calm during this time of deep change and restructure.




La Luna is bringing an opportunity to root down and ground ourselves in physical reality. Connecting to the Earth is especially important right now. Taurus energy seeks permanence where right now we are moving through a time of impermanence – but nature ebbs and flows the same as ever.

If you can, spend time connecting with our beautiful Earth beneath your feet. If you are unable to be outside, know that distance is no match to your power and visualise/feel into Mother Earth anyways. Take this time to connect with all of your senses and know that you can heal yourself with the power of our Earth. Tend to your beautiful plants, look into the clear blue sky, listen to the birds sing and watch as nature takes over once again.

This new Moon is saying slow down, root yourself in the beauty around you – and just be.




Current events have moved us into the confines of our homes, but this New Moon is bringing the patience and stillness to embrace this confinement – to go deep since we are unable to go far. To connect us more deeply to the places and people where we have chosen to dwell, to make our homes. To slow down, find new rhythms and grow into new versions of ourselves. To seek ways to ground that can become our new normal, even if we don’t yet know what form that will take long term.

This pause on life has allowed us to truly lean into what we value most, and this New Moon holds the possibility of a world in which we can embody our values more deeply, rather than conforming to the values of an existing structure that no longer stands strong. When life is stripped back to basics, we are reminded what is important, and La Luna I asking us to tend to what is important, to look deeper and discover what kind of life we really want to build, what kind of person we really want to be.




It can feel like we are in a state of ‘in between’ where we are in the world, and both Saturn and Uranus will only be amplifying this under the New Moon.

Saturn, our planet of structure, and Uranus, our planet of change, are both very active under this New Moon. Where Saturn wants things to remain the same and honour our traditions Uranus wants to let go of the past and awaken us into revolutionising our future.

We can see these opposite energies playing out in life right now. In our society. Our structures. Our media. In our hearts.

We feel ourselves clinging to the way things were – yet also catching glimpses of a new way of being, a new world. Learning to appreciate our past and learn from it will serve us greatly while we let life take us some place new, where we can revolutionise and build a society that is in alignment with our hearts.

On a global level, we may feel stuck, confined, even fearful, or perhaps none of it – however you are feeling right now; you can take this potent New Moon energy, start planting deep trusting seeds for your future and let them bring you hope. You can open yourself to the energy of Uranus, allow the unexpected, allow the clearing of the old to welcome the New, you can lean into the discomfort of change and let the surrender bring you hope.





Aries Girl and Her Moon


You hold such deep, ancient, rooted power within you, Aries, and La Luna is asking you to let that part of you to step forward. La Luna is asking that part of you to lay all of your deepest desires at her altar, and with this, she will bring you all that you seek.

This New Moon is all about what you value the most. Whether it be material resources, whether it be abstract concepts – whatever you hold closest to your heart. Sit in gratitude for these things. Sit in love and trust and awe over these things. Sit in the knowing that when you open your heart and  hands to La Luna, even more and more and more of these things will flow your beautiful way.

If life’s current pause has brought changes to the way you work and earn your living, know that this New Moon brings new possibilities and potential to have these changes work in your favour. Look within and you will discover endless resources – your skills, talents, experiences, your passions – they are all pathing the way for your new chapter.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon



You are stepping into a new chapter, a powerful new beginning. Oh, this is such a beautiful time for you.

This New Moon is a seed point for incredible change and deep growth. You are shedding layers, becoming more and more and more authentically you. You are transforming all that you are and re-emerging into the world embodying all that you are deeper and deeper and deeper. La Luna is right beside you as you reinvent yourself, she is urging you to let go of the expectations of others and dive into what makes you so uniquely you.

Live for you. Shine your light. You are so needed in this world exactly as you.

If change feels intimidating, know that you can take one small step at a time. Listen to the guidance of your Soul and take that one small step. You are guided. You are supported. And life is cheering you on.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Gemini, this is a beautiful time to explore the never-ending depths of who you are. Turn off your phone for the night. Breathe into the moment. Close your eyes and turn your energies inward. Awaken your intuition and imagination. Spend time with your Soul.

This New Moon is asking you to let go. Let go of the need to know and understand everything. Let go of people that are holding you down. Let go of labels that are keeping you small. Let go of thoughts that are anything but total love for your beautiful self.

Pour yourself into the moment and know that while you go within and explore, you are safe and you are held. The Universe is watching over you with such pride. The Universe is watching over and keeping you safe as you wander through your internal waters.

This time of clearing will create space for the flowers within your heart to bloom. And it will be so beautiful.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


We may be in a space of isolation Cancer, but you are ready to step deeper into your community.

The energy you bring to those around you is like no other and it is making more of an impact than you could ever imagine. You have deep wisdom to share, wisdom beyond your years, wisdom that has been building for lifetimes upon lifetimes upon lifetimes. Wisdom that is ready to be heard and remembered by those around you.

While you share your light with the world, know that your light can only stay on if you tend to it – if you tend to your Soul and fill yourself up first. Take La Luna as an example – tonight she is nowhere to be seen, tending to herself by herself, giving herself love before she re-enters the sky.

Your love can change the world Cancer, but only if you take care of yourself first.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


It’s time to step forward and share your magic with the rest of us, Leo. You are powerful. You are the Lion of the zodiac. Step forward and claim your throne.

La Luna is shining the spotlight on your career and role in the public, and with the help of Taurus, any effort you put in now will bring strong, steady and stable growth moving forward.

If life’s pause has made changes to your career, let it be worth it. Let this ending be an ending in accepting less than you deserve. Let this ending be an ending in doing anything other than exactly what your heart desires.

Whether or not this time has affected your work life – know that you are being given a giant, lasting, wave of energy to put into building the career of your absolute dreams.

La Luna is saying: dream, dream, dream, dream of all you can be, and then lift the bar 10x higher and dream up there some more. Show her how big you can dream. She will bring you the guidance from there.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Have you felt La Luna, Virgo? She has been gently pushing you towards inner expansion.

Expansion of your beautiful mind, expansion of your perspective, expansion of your spirituality and understanding of Source. Expansion of your connection with your Soul and expansion of connection with your purpose.

What you are passionate about is no accident. What you are curious about is no accident. Lean into these things – take a new course, get that book, explore different belief systems and dive deep into what your Soul has to say about life.

The world can see it. You are opening. You are awakening. You are becoming one with all that is. And it is so beautiful.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


La Luna is sitting in her power to mirror back to you your inner power. She is shining a light on the goddess that you are, Libra.

This is a time of empowerment. Your self-awareness is heightened. Your ability to connect with others and understand others is heightened. Take this energy and bring it into your deepest loves and relationships and know that if you put in the attention and effort now, you will be reaching deep levels of intimacy that you have never reached before.

Or, perhaps, this is more of a time to let go of attachments. Only you know which way to go. If you have been holding onto a relationship with another that has been heavy on your heart, take that ability to connect and reach deep levels of intimacy and place it within yourself. Fill the darkness with your love and watch the light come back.

It’s also a highly aligned time to look into your finances. Make a financial plan, goal, guide, do your accounting work, whatever it may be – especially if any of your finances are shared with another. La Luna is shining her magic on your money.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


It’s all about love, Scorpio. This New Moon is bringing you love, love, and so much more love. Wherever needs love in your life, put your attention there and pour pour pour your love into it.

If it’s a relationship, know that this time can be deeply healing and strengthening for your connection. If it’s yourself, again, know that this time can be deeply healing and strengthening for your connection with your Soul.

La Luna is asking you to take this love and check in with how you have been feeling – have you been holding onto old attachments? Have you been giving yourself enough attention? Have you been giving your loved ones enough attention? Have you been creating, connecting, intentionally living in purpose on purpose?

Take this love and this newfound awareness and heal. Take this love and know that it is the most powerful energy to heal, to fill, to bring life to, to awaken, to expand with. Wherever you need this love, put it there.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Things have changed. Life is changing. Whether you feel and see the effects of this change dramatically in your life, or only slightly, it is here, and all we can do is flow with it, Sagittarius.

La Luna is asking you to flow with the changes in your day to day life, and the best way to do that is connect with your Soul – the part of you that is one with this ever moving and changing flow of life.

Connect with your Soul and ask it how and where you should be showing up each day, where you should be placing deeper emphasis and what habits it’s time to let go of. Ask it how you can adjust your daily rhythm so that you can show up as your best, most beautiful, intentional, on purpose self.

Take the energy of Taurus and allow yourself to appreciate and connect with the little droplets of magic throughout the day. The sunrise, the birds singing, the light as it shines into your beautiful home. The small things. The small droplets of magic and love are still here to be observed and melted into, no matter where you are in the world and in life.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


It’s time to get creative, Capricorn.

Open your heart, let go of thought, and let life flow through you into creation. Express all that is waiting in the depths of your Soul to be expressed. Express yourself and create magic.

Whether you have previously considered yourself creative or not – it’s time to step into, with full knowing and confidence, the truth – we are all creative beings. Including you, especially you. You are born a creator, you create your reality through the simplicity of thought and vision… how much more creative do you want to get?!

The energy that creates worlds and the energy that creates the stars that flow through your veins is inside of you. Waiting. Patiently. It’s time to let it step forward and lead.

Wherever you place your attention now will bloom with stability, structure, and lasting effects. So, bring your creative power and create the life of your dreams.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Move into stillness, beautiful Aquarius. Embrace the moments, let them travel deep into your Soul. Savour the silence, let it communicate to you it’s guidance, it’s love, it’s support for you.

Breathe deeply and bring your attention to what is truly meaningful to you. More than ever there is a strong connection running from deep within your heart, deep into the hearts of your family now. If you can’t be with them during this time, send them love and hold them tightly in your minds eye. If you are with your family, let yourself be reminded of the joy they bring into your days and hold them tightly.

This is a great time to look clearly at your home environment. Especially now, where we are confined within our home’s walls. Is your home inspiring you? Does it bring clarity, empowerment? Does it match your highest vibration? Bring your home up to where you are. Bring love into your home so that it can reflect it back to you. Taurus loves some online shopping, so if it’s time to get some new home décor, well, it’s time to get some new home décor.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


All that makes you the beautiful Pisces that you are is so appreciated, Pisces. Your natural empathy, your emotional intelligence, your sensitivity and creative genius. Take a moment to send love deep into these parts of yourself, and then into anywhere else that may be needing some love.

La Luna is bringing you the mental energy and curiosity to expand your mind and learn new, exciting, soul-touching things. Perhaps it’s time to start that course, read that book, watch that documentary – whatever it may be.

With this mental energy also comes a fluid non-resistant ability to communicate, exchange your brilliant ideas and share your deep knowledge with others. It’s a beautiful time to speak your Soul, write, learn, and connect with others.

And the most beautiful thing about all of this – know that while you are communicating, while you are writing, speaking, learning, know that while you are letting information free from that beautiful mind of yours, you are letting La Luna flow through you, and you are accessing new depths within yourself.

Chances are, you’ll look back at this time and be amazed at the wisdom that has just come through you.

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