Life can feel so complicated, overwhelming, messy and so confusing at times. We humans truly do have a habit of over-complicating just about anything and everything. But it is in the still moments that we find the peace and clarity of life, it is within listening to the guidance within us and what I call ‘zooming out’ to a greater perspective often that the complicated messiness seems to evaporate – it is in the simple, fundamental, beautiful parts of life.

This is one of the longer blogs I’ve written – take whatever resonates with you at this time. ♡



Ahhhhhhh! How beautiful and simple is this! Doing things because it sparks a light in you, a fire even! The things that feel ‘right’ and fill our insides with all the good feels to me are like a life map – a map that I have been following for the last 12 months and with this, watching my life expand and evolve with absolute beauty and love.

To put this into perspective, I started the Girl and Her Moon Instagram for absolutely no reason other than ‘I felt like it’ about 12 months ago having literally no idea that it would be what it is today. Each moment and action since then has been me following that same feeling – starting a blog because it felt good, offering readings because they felt so good, creating courses (still in the making, eeeeek!) because it literally fills every inch of my heart and soul with so much excitement and love. I have no idea where all of this will take my life, and honestly, I don’t mind – I just know whatever I do I will feel good. Because that’s all I’m doing – what feels good!

Taking inspired action on what excites you is you in alignment with your soul, with your higher self and with life. We are here to feel good. We are here to grow. We are here to love, to be at one with life and soak in all of its beauty and magic. Taking small steps based on what sparks that light within you opens millions of doors later on – ones that you had no idea were even an option for you at the time, ones that maybe you had never considered before – but now, because you followed what your soul was yearning for, is a very real and open option for you.

Now just a quick little note on this – I’m not saying that if fear or discomfort arises and something no longer feels good in the moment that it is not for you –

Often, fear and discomfort are an indication that you are exactly where you need to be for your growth. If you can pull yourself out of this feeling of discomfort for a brief moment, separate yourself from it, look at what it is you are working towards and that very thing brings you joy – keep going. Keep moving towards it straight.through.the.fear.



There is a lot of noise in this world, there are a lot of expectations, a lot of ‘instructions’, a lot of ‘advice’ – there’s just a lot, and really it’s all pretty complicated. It can be really easy to get swept up in all of that – but here’s a reminder:

You always know exactly what you is for you, in every single moment.

That knowing is inside of you. This knowing can manifest as feelings of passion, excitement, danger, illness, stress, or even as words if you simply ask yourself a question and let your mind get out of the way. It can be those ‘gut feelings’, your intuition, those ‘aha’ moments. Everything you need is within you – you just need to listen.

Whatever you are passionate about is for you. Whatever brings you excitement is for you. Whatever fills your heart is for you. If he/she makes you feel depressed! Whatever brings a feeling of danger, or that ‘it just doesn’t feel right’ vibe is not for you. If it is making you depressed it not for you. If you are tired, physically ill or stressed you are taking on too much.

Lets take the over-complication out of this. There is no need to search for answers to everything outside of yourself and there is no need to over-analyse your feelings about something or someone. Listen to yourself gorgeous soul, it’s all within you!




Make another happy and you will feel happiness. Make another sad and you will feel sad. Heal yourself and you will heal everyone around you – without even trying.

I love this. I love this so much. If we look at ourselves past the name, past the upbringing, the career, the ‘stories’ – we can see we are all the same. We are all a manifestation of the Universe, of God, of Source, of Mother Earth – whatever resonates with you. We are all that spark inside of these human bodies, we are all the magic that is life.

When you truly feel into and ‘know’ this oneness, you know that intentionally doing anything but good to another is intentionally doing anything but good to yourself. And know that anyone who has hurt you, they are hurting within themselves – that oneness within you knows that, and that oneness knows there is no reason to take on that pain. Just be kind in return and keep moving.

Make life simple. Be a nice person, wherever you can (without depleting your energy) bring others joy, be the light that sparks the light in others, be kind. Make it simple – be good to others.



This same spark, intuition, oneness, soul, being, that has come up so much already, that part of you knows there is no need to rush, knows there is no need to hold on, stress, label, define, understand, anything. With letting go, everything is much more peaceful and simple.


The other day I was having what I thought was a difficult day. I didn’t feel happy, I felt…weird… and I didn’t know what to do – like, literally, I felt lost the whole day and I was just kind of moping around from thing to thing in no direction, finding no comfort in any of them. The worst part about this day is that I was angry at myself for feeling whatever it was I was feeling. I was searching for a reason to justify feeling not-so-hot, a label to define how I felt and a way out of this feeling.

The words ‘let go’ came over me. I stopped whatever it was I was doing and I just sat. I let go of searching for a label to define whatever it was I was feeling. I let go of the search to find a way out of what I was feeling. I let go of the unrealistic expectation to feel joy 24/7. And most importantly I let go of any needing to put this feeling into a ‘good’ category or a ‘bad’ category. I just let go and felt with no judgement.

With that came tears and emotion that was obviously trying to move through me all day – but there was nothing ‘bad’ about these tears and emotion, they were just there. With that came release and with that came an overwhelming feeling of peace.

You don’t need to define your feelings, or even make any sense of them, I have no idea where that emotion was coming from that day – but it wanted to be back in movement with life and I was stopping that release. By searching for a reason I was stopping that release. By criticising my state I was stopping that release.

Let go in each moment and feel whatever is coming up. Know that the feelings are separate to you – and they just want to be released. Let go in each moment of needing to control, define or understand your state. Just let go. It is safe.


So many stories in this blog, #sorrynotsorry? Here’s another.

I started my first business when I was 21 with my partner. It was a homewares business and we started because we wanted OUT of our employment at the time (and I do have a soft spot for all things Interior Design!). I worked really hard in this business. I was stressed every single day and my happiness depended solely on sales for the day. I was looking everywhere outside of me for what to do to grow the business, to make it what I wanted, in the time frame that I wanted. But this was not happening – like at all. The business made some money as businesses do, but nothing was as I wanted it and I was nothing but a ball of stress ready to unravel at literally any moment. This stress and unhappiness was overflowing into every area of my life – areas and relationships that I treasured much more than the money I was trying to force my way.

I was forcing something that I was not ready for. I was forcing a situation and business that was not for me. I was trying to control everything, and it was seriously biting me on the ass for it.

Again, ‘let go’ came into my awareness. We had a trip to Japan booked and we took that time to separate ourselves from the business and see how we felt. And let me tell you, IT FELT GOOD. We came back and dropped the business asap, with no regrets.

Two quick points to make –

  1. Starting this business was absolutely for me, however I was trying to keep something alive that was no longer alive after a while. It turns out this business was for the many many lessons and the growth rather than the money.
  2. There is a difference between putting time and effort into something that lights you up and brings you joy and meaning VS something that depletes you and brings you no meaning.

Letting go of control may seem counter-productive in getting anywhere in your life – but letting go, every time I have, has brought me the most growth, the most peace and the most opportunities in my life.

I thought I needed the success of that business and I thought I needed it in a very specific (and short) time frame. But guess what, letting go created space for Girl and Her Moon -which started about a month after, and we got to quit our jobs within the next few months!

Let life work through you, let go of stress, let go of control, let go of needing to understand, let go!



There is likely much better terminology for this – but zoom out just resonates with me big time.

I zoom out of my life daily and I zoom out of what I perceive to be ‘shitty situations’ in the moment. I zoom out and see the big picture, and it always brings peace.

Sometimes, I zoom out and look at my life from 6 year old Jordane perspective, or the 18 year old, or even the 40, 80, 100 year old Jordane. Sometimes I zoom out and see it from what feels like a higher perspective, as if it were my higher self looking in. Sometimes I just zoom out and look at the whole of life in general – like, wtf, we are living on the most beautiful spinning ball, trees are giving us breath and we get feel this insane and magical feeling of love. What. Lol. What. How lucky. How cool.

This gives perspective. It allows you to see what is important. It allows you to see how amazing you are doing. It allows you to marvel at the beauty of this life and the world around us.

I also do this when I am in what seems like a challenging or high emotion situation. I zoom out and separate myself from the situation, and I even zoom out and separate myself from the feeling or emotion. This takes away the perceived control that the event or the emotions have on you and allows for calm. It allows for conscious, rather than subconscious reaction. It allows that guidance within you to be heard. Remember this whenever you are in a heated situation.

Take some time every day to zoom out and look at life through a new, fresh, bigger and magical perspective. Allow yourself to marvel at your beauty, your growth, your accomplishments, at flowers, at animals, at your whole entire life, of the entire life that we are all in. It never seems so complicated when you do this.



Life can be simple if we bring back the simplicity. Feel good. Do good. Grow. Learn. Let go of control. Soak in all the magic. Love ourselves and love each other.


So much love to you,

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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