Full Moon in Scorpio April 2024: Horoscopes for each Zodiac

Welcome to the Scorpio Full Moon 23/24 April 2024!

If you would like to go deeper with this Full Moon energy, we have a beautiful Lunar Soul Reading.

Scorpio Full Moon Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign

Watch below for your Full Moon in Scorpio Horoscope for your zodiac sign by Kapualani. Be sure to watch your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign!

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Kapualani is a natural-born healer, intuitive, medical intuitive and overall clairsensitive— engaging various modalities of SoulSpirit Work such as:

Mysticism, Shamanism, Ancestral, Mediumship, Quantum Field, Vortex, Tarot, Oracle, Astrology, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Chakras, Pranic, Shadowork, Akashic, EFT Tapping, Breathwork, Mentorship and more…

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  1. Love this for Taurus! Also love that my Sun, Moon, Rising + Venus are ALL in Taurus so this message feels super amplified.

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