Regardless of how ‘astro-savvy’ you feel you are, you can probably guess this Full Moon in Pisces is going to be a powerful time. The energy of La Luna is going to affect us all, no matter our zodiac sign!

Our beautiful Moon will be Full on 14 September 12.30AM EST and will spend approx. 2 ½ days in the watery sign of Pisces.

Fun fact this Full Moon has the nick name ‘Harvest Moon’ – this name comes from the farmers using the light of the Full Moon to bring in additional crops!




There’s a real sense of energy shifting around this Full Moon – both closures and new beginnings. It marks the Full Moon that falls closest to the Equonix and it’s also the last Full Moon of the current season. As if this doesn’t indicate change already, beautiful Pisces energy is the 12th and last of the Zodiacs hinting at the end of a cycle, and it is also a mutable sign which is all about adaptation and change – we’re looking at endings and new beginnings. A cycle complete. A new way of being.





 This Pisces Full Moon will have energies heightened leaving us feeling that little bit more emotional and sensitive than usual. The Full Moon will be aligned with Pisces natural rules – Neptune, which again just adds to this sensitivity.

Our souls are asking for love and gentleness right now. Take this time to fill yourself up, in whatever way you do that. Tend to your soul. Connect with your loved ones. Be gentle.





As Pisces is the last of the zodiac, this Full Moon brings a transition from one energy onto the next with a little bit of an overlap – and in this case, the energy of Pisces; spirituality, dreams, and global consciousness will be overlapping and transitioning into the energy of Aries; individuality, action and independence!

This transition will have us feeling the need to find our individual place within the sea of humanity, maybe realising its time to look at what our contribution is to the spiritual make up of this world. We will be looking at our individual goals from a place of interconnectedness and our truly listening to our hearts. The combination of these energies are absolutely beautiful and a time we suggest taking full advantage of. Journal it out, connect with yourself, look into your souls purpose.





This weekend Mercury and Venus will be moving away from detail-oriented Virgo and into compromise and balancing Libra, and with the Full Moon settling in Pisces this means a mass of love energy!

With the Libra energies kicking in we will all be wanting to spend that extra time with loved ones connecting.  With Libra and Pisces working together it’s creating this gentle, sweet, soft and connected energy that will have us all seeing in love. Libra wants to keep everyone on the same page in total peace, and Pisces wouldn’t ever want to hurt a fly; so basically, it’s a beautiful time for compassion and empathy.

SO – get as much work as you can done before a weekend of quality-love-connection-empathy-and-compassion comes.




As always this is a very general look at the energy around your sign. For a thorough reading that is specific to you, you can get a Full Moon Tarot Reading here! This reading is a combination of tarot, astrology and numerology and will give you in depth insights into what this Full Moon is here to do in your life. Use the code ‘ALIGN’ for 30% off your reading!




You’ll be one busy bee, Aries – and feeling as open as it comes to new opportunities!

Just a pointer – stop trying to micromanage. When you do, you’ll start seeing that progress that you’re after.

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It’s time for you to have some fun, Taurus!

Go get social; go on a date, soak in some romance, live in the moment. You’ll be discovering new places and faces to have fun with and seriously deepening your relationship(s)!

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The planets are still moving through your domestic zones, Gemini. This will have you wanting to keep your space up to date and in top notch.

The Full Moon calls for a little more silence on your behalf, less talking and more introspection.

The planets will be in your leisure zones by the weekend – make some plans to go somewhere new and enjoy the R&R!

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The focus is on your intellect Cancer – planning, studying, researching – your brain wants it all!

You might have to look out for some moodiness though. Take the time to fill yourself up as a feeling of emptiness will only exaggerate any moodiness. Look at your priorities and make a list, that should help with any stress.

This beautiful Full Moon might have you feeling a little more dreamy than usual and completely expansive. Flow with these energies – let these energies flow. They might be giving little hints of your futures potential.

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Don’t fall victim to retail therapy, Leo!

Watch your spending around the timing of the Full Moon. Instead, this energy calls for a great time to network and work on business – whatever that may mean for you.

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Prepare for another week of productive work – your favourite thing, Virgo!

There may be some ‘mixed messages’ floating around during this Full Moon and you have Pisces/Neptune to thank for that. This energy might be leaving things a little hazy for you, so maybe not the time for serious communication or disagreements.

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Do what brings you joy, Libra. Devote some time to do things for the simple fact that they bring you joy – when we are in a state of joy our soul has the chance to be heard, life has the chance to flow freely through us, and our bodies have the chance to thrive.

The Pisces Full Moon energies will have you feeling enlightened to make some new lifestyle choices that you will be able to sustain. Watch out for miscommunications and typos – be clear and thorough in your interactions.

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There can be inspiration found in collaborating with others Scorpio – get social. Events, interactions and romances could result in some seriously productive ideas. So remain open and alert.

With the Full Moon falling into your romance sector – the Pisces energies could mean the end of a week full of experiences you will never forget.

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The Pisces Full Moon energy for you is all about family! Take the weekend to spend some quality time with your loved ones – they will be in the front of your mind over the next coming weeks.

Also, there is a total shift coming your way in the next coming weeks that is focused in on your social life. Embrace this shift, make the most of it and have fun with it – whatever it may be.

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You’ll have to learn to embrace the vague, Capricorn. The Pisces/Neptune energies is a whimsical energy, which is quite different to your Capricorn nature – so if your mind is feeling a little unclear this Full Moon, that’s why!

This weekend is also looking to bring some networking opportunities your way as Mercury and Venus link up, so get those business cards ready!

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Oooh yes Aquarius – it’s time for you to get that money! This can be a time of great opportunities for financial growth, but if you are questioning your own ability you will just hold yourself back. You can do it Aquarius!

With the Pisces Full Moon moving through your financial zone you may be feeling like you have that little bit more money than you might actually have – so watch for any overspending. Instead – zone in on and allow that money to flow to you!

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It can be a busy time for you Pisces and with all of this social energy in the air, you may feel overwhelmed and feeling over-dedicated to others.

Make sure you are aware of what you need  in order to be productive and there for others. Take some time for yourself and fill up your own cup.

With this Full Moon sitting in your sign, you may be feeling extra sensitive by the weekend. It’s a good time for healthy solitude immersing yourself in what you love.

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Ho’oponopono can be seen as a mantra for mental and spiritual cleansing, a similar technique used by the Buddhist for clearing karma.

 It acknowledges the lack of harmony and balance found in our outer worlds and believes this is due to errors in thought that are stored in our personal and collective memories – yes, collective memories! Ho’oponopono believes errors exist in a form of collective memory that is accessible to all that practice ho’oponopono, whether the errors originated within you, or others – the belief ‘You are in me and I am in you’ calls for taking responsibility for more than only yourself.

In situations where we may feel powerless to change – past relationships, illness, from the simplest to the most complicated – ho’oponopono shines a light on your power and allows focus and love to open and clear. Focusing on the situation that is pulling you down, being in that moment and using the ho’oponopono words, we will see a change – whether instantaneously or not – we will see a change.




Arrange your sacred space with your crystals, candles, incense or any other items that you feel bring you closer to the divine. Ho’oponopono can be performed anywhere and at any time, however working in nature under the Full Moon will create a more powerful effect.

Write down the things you are seeking to release or change and allow space for notes and inspired ideas!

Cleanse your sacred space with herbs of your choice such as sage, or, light your incense.

Look to the skies and breathe in the night air.

Read what you have written down and focus on them one at a time.

Set your intention to release and cleanse.

Focus on clearing the feelings that come up.

Say these words continually (in your mind or out loud) while feeling the problem as you perceive it. Say the words to the Divine Source.

‘I’m sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you’

Let go until prompted to take inspired action. If you feel an impulse for action, or a hit of inspiration, know this is coming from source, not a memory.

If you are feeling impatient or find yourself looking for a short cut, impatience is the very thing that also needs your clearing. The Divine has no sense of urgency.

Keep cleansing down your list, and anything else that pops up, you will find yourself feeling lighter, happier and healthier.

*Be mindful when dealing with candles and fire, always think safety first.



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Love and Light always,


Dilosh Girl and Her Moon

Dilosh has been working in the Spiritual world for over 25 years through various modes such as Tarot, Energy Healing, Numerology, Astrology, and Art.

Her passion and path in this life is to enlighten and heal Souls from all walks of life, to help make your journey smoother and filled with even more joy, magic, and growth.

Work with Dilosh with a 1:1 Tarot Reading here.

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