First New Moon of 2024: Capricorn New Moon Magic

Welcome to our first New Moon of 2024. Welcome to the Capricorn New Moon.

The is opportunity here. There is sweetness here.

There are invitations to speak our dreams, hopes and wishes into the ethers and to plant them into the Earth and into our bodies.

There are doors open inviting us to place our vision in front of us and say yes to it, to devote to it, to begin building it.

When is the Capricorn New Moon?

  • Wellington: Friday 12 January, 12.57am
  • Sydney: Thursday 11 January, 10.57pm
  • Tokyo: Thursday 11 January, 8.57pm
  • Singapore: Thursday 11 January, 7.57pm
  • New Delhi: Thursday 11 January, 5.27pm
  • Dubai: Thursday 11 January, 3.57pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Thursday 11 January, 2.57pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Thursday 11 January, 12.57pm
  • London: Thursday 11 January, 11.57am
  • New York/Toronto: Thursday 11 January, 6.57am
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Thursday 11 January, 3.57am

The Moon in astrology is our feeling nature. It is the world that lives inside of us, our inner dialogue, emotions, and sensitivities. The sides of us less shown to the world, the parts of us kept close to our hearts.

It is our intuition, our inner compass that guides us in every moment. It is intuition from deep within our bodies, our hearts that whisper to us, our guts that advise us, and our knowing that comes from deep inner reserves.

Under a new Moon, the Sun and Moon have come together in our skies. In same zodiac sign, in the same position, with the same perspective, desires, and intentions. They have come together in a partnership, a collaboration.

While the Sun represents our outward expression, will, and our need to create as individual beings, the Moon is our internal expression, our emotions, how we nourish ourselves, and it is the subconscious knowing of our bodies.

As these two luminaries come together in our skies, so too does our mind and body, our will and intuition, our internal and external realities. So too does our intuitive knowing of what is and is not for us, and our mind and drive. We are in synch. We are in tune. We are listening to the movements of our bodies, the knowing of our hearts, and we are bridging this internal world of ours into the external to create, to be, to act and build.

Rooted in the Earth sign of Capricorn, this new Moon may only live for a short moment in our skies, yet its support continues throughout the year.

The evolutionary purpose of Capricorn is to call us into our mastery. It’s the inherent need or pull to realise our own potential – to become who we are destined to be. It’s the conduit bridging the soul, the dream, the vision into its manifest self in the physical.

It is a lunation that offers grounded practicality, structure, patience, consistency, discipline, and self-mastery. It invites the tangible building of our dreams, or the tangible building of ourselves. It brings definition, purpose, responsibility, clarity, commitment – some of the most supportive tools in this divine building.

Yet this lunation it isn’t just about the tangible.

Trine Uranus and Sextile Neptune, it’s also about the divinity that inspires, imbues, and guides each step taken. It’s about our devotion to something bigger than us, our respect for the path that calls our name, and the awe and joy that we have the opportunity to steward it. It’s about change, new frequencies flowing through the ethers and landing in our bodies, and about claiming a new way for ourselves.

This new Moon reminds us that we are the conduit of the divine. We are the conduit of Soul. We are the conduit of our dreams and visions – our dreams and visions that are desiring us just as we are desiring them.

It’s a new Moon asking if we so choose to devote to the life desiring to come through us. It asks if we so choose to receive the responsibility to bring our visions into reality. And if so, it is under this lunation that we are supported to say yes to that devotion, to that sacred responsibility.

Capricorn New Moon Ritual

2024 Numerology: Manifestation Magic ~ The Year of the Alchemist

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2024 holds within it the energy of leadership, empowerment, manifestation and integrity.

An 8 year in Numerology, this year ahead is what many call a ‘power year’.

Together with numerologist and spiritual coach Nat Olson, we will dive deep into the energetics of 2024 through the lens of the 8 to reclaim our path of leadership, self sufficiency, creative power and relationship with the creation of our dreams – in other words, manifestation. 

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Capricorn Mew Moon Horoscopes

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Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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