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Pisces New Moon February 2020 Girl and Her Moon

La Luna is bringing us a new cycle of healing, heightened intuition, spirituality, dreams and compassion. Are you allowing this energy?



  • Sydney: Monday 24 Feb 2.32am
  • Hong Kong: Sunday 23 Feb 11.32pm
  • Moscow: Sunday 23 Feb 6.32pm
  • Paris: Sunday 23 Feb 4.32pm
  • London: Sunday 23 Feb 3.32pm
  • New York: Sunday 23 Feb 10.32am
  • Los Angeles: Sunday 23 Feb 7.32am



Our Sun, New Moon & Mercury Retrograde are all in Pisces
Earth & Water elements are dominating the energy moving through us while Air element is absent – this energy remains until 9 March
Earth Element Virgo is the rising sign this New Moon
Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, together with the New Moon, Sun & Mercury are all in the 7th house of love & partnership!
In our 5th house of romantic love and fun we have the Saturn Pluto conjunction along with expansive Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn





La Luna is coaxing us inward, into the depths of our subconscious and the centre of our hearts – and it’s much easier if we simply allow that inner movement instead of trying to flow against life. Allow your intuition to come forward and lead, allow yourself to feel all there is to feel. Trust what flows through you and remember that even in the midst of any emotion that comes up; you are safe, you are held, you are whole, and you can handle it.

Pisces is a deeply beautiful energy – it’s the most enigmatic sign of the zodiac and it flows around dreams, spirituality, compassion, intuition, healing, and creative expression and right now, we are being asked to embody all of that wonder for our deepest healing.




While New Moons are times to plant our deeds and begin a new cycle, this energy is a little different. With Mercury in Retrograde also in Pisces, instead of starting anything new, the energy is more so moving towards ‘review’. To look deeply into ourselves and into our life to feel all that is waiting to be felt, feel the balance – or lack thereof – in our lives, feel the inner callings of our Souls and to heal all that is waiting to be healed within us. This is what we should be setting our intentions around – not so much to bring anything ‘new’ into our lives, but more so to balance out where we are now, to move through our last stages of healing and to feel good about now.

This is because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and right now we are bringing together and digesting a whole year’s worth of growth, movement and learning as we prepare our new slate and spring forward into Aries season with totally new beginnings. So, use this time to dive in deep, reflect, sit with all that is within you, replenish yourself and allow yourself to integrate the deep healing of all that the last year brought. The Universe is bringing you all the watery energy to do so and this will have us moving forward feeling light and ready for all to come!



To align with this healing energy that La Luna is bringing us – you need to make space for it. This New Moon your intuition is incredibly heightened, and your emotions are ready to be felt. Take advantage of this. Sit down with the Moon and do your inner work.

We have incredibly powerful Soul-work exercises and prompts to guide you through this energy inside of our February Flow with the Moon guide – you can see a sneak-peek below.



However you spend this time – give your heart and Soul space. Honour all that you are and the life you are living in. Acknowledge your emotions and allow healing. It’s exactly what we need as we prepare for the upcoming spring equinox and the shift in season and energy.





Aries Girl and Her Moon


Beautiful Aries allow yourself to get creative this New Moon. When you are creating you are allowing life to move through you. When you are creating you are expressing emotions and energies that have been waiting patiently to be expressed so that you can heal.

To align yourself with La Luna and deeply heal yourself: create, write, dance, paint. Enter into that space where you feel most yourself, where you feel the spark inside of your Soul shining through you and into your creations.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Sit with Soul, Taurus. Look inside of your heart – how do you feel about your social environment, how do you feel about your relationships, your love life? Everything in life is a give and take, it’s a flow, it’s a balance and this includes your love relationships, family and friendships. Are you giving enough, are you receiving enough? Honour all that you are, all that you deserve, and honour your loved ones.

Get quiet and let your intuition be heard. If you create the space and silence – deep healing and revelations can be had.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Is your career in alignment with your truest self, Gemini? Does it allow for all of your magic to shine? This is your beautiful life, your creation, and how you spend your time is entirely up to you.

Sit down with yourself this New Moon and take advantage of the deeply introspective and intuitive energies that are moving through you. Take a deep look at your life and how you are spending it – the big question here is; are you happy with your career? Could it be more aligned with your Soul? If you have intentionally created a wonderfully aligned career – honour this. Let yourself bask in gratitude for this.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Your thirst for depth is running high, Cancer. It’s a beautiful time to take a deep look at your beliefs and broaden your perspective on life. Your Soul is craving it!

Sit with your Soul and La Luna to have a look at your core beliefs. Are they still in alignment with how much you have grown and expanded recently? Perhaps it’s a good time to look into education in whatever form is aligned with you. There is so much wisdom out there waiting for you to soak in. There is so much spiritual knowledge you are ready to remember and embody.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Value is not objective Leo, it is only found where you place it, and this New Moon, La Luna is asking you to really feel into the value of all that is present in your life. Sit down with the New Moon and go through all that you have in your life – place value where you haven’t yet before and with this, more and more and more value will flow into your life.

It’s also an aligned time to look into your flow of the cha-ching $$$$ – how you’re receiving and how you’re spending – how are you feeling about this flow? Does anything need to be changed? Can you allow more, or less, or alternative means? Sit in a space of gratitude before diving into these questions.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


We are responsible for our lives, Virgo, and this truth can either be difficult or it can be incredibly freeing. Take time to reflect on where you have been taking responsibility in your life and where you may be falling short. It’s okay to be honest, you are human, you are learning, and the best thing you can do right now is learn and grow from your reflections.

This life can be whatever your Soul yearns for and so much more, let yourself feel this truth through your entire being. Let your Soul communicate to you all that it desires.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


You’re all about balance, Libra, and now is the time to use that gift. Really sit down with yourself and examine your daily life – is it balanced? Is it taking you in the direction your Soul wants to go in?

How you spend your day dictates exactly where you are going. Check in with your Soul and ask yourself if your days are moving you in the right direction.

It’s also time to deeply honour your beautiful body. Let yourself feel into just how much your body loves you. Honour all that is does for you – everything it does it for you. Have you been giving it the respect it deserves? The respect you deserve?

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Sit with La Luna and bask yourself in gratitude, Scorpio. Sit with your Soul and let gratitude take over your entire being. Isn’t life beautiful? Isn’t the life you created beautiful? Something to be so proud of?

The energy flowing through you, Scorpio, is asking you to find the enjoyable aspects of your life. It’s asking you to revisit and question your goals – when you are coming from a space of gratitude – do those goals remain the same? Or is it time to update your direction?

Create the space and let your Soul step forward and show you your direction.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


To set boundaries requires a deep and unshakeable level of respect for oneself, Sagittarius – and it’s time for you step into that space. Dive deep into yourself and ask the questions – do you feel anyone is overstepping their place? Taking advantage of your kindness? Are you allowing this? Are you giving yourself the right boundaries for your greatest growth?

There is also an emphasis on your family with this New Moon, however that will show up in your life, honour and allow it.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Life is bringing you new ideas, Capricorn, are you open enough to receive them?

Connecting to your Soul and to the Universe allows a clear passage for guidance and new ideas to reach you – so take this time, where your intuition and connection is heightened, to sit down with yourself and connect. See yourself as a clear vessel and get ready to jot down all that flows through you.

This New Moon is also an opportunity to look directly at any misalignment’s or issues within your close relationships and move through them into peace.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Abundance, Aquarius, it’s all around you. You are abundant and life is abundant. Let yourself lean into this abundance and receive. You are great at giving, but it can’t be only be one sided.

Sit down with your Soul and ask it what it’s really craving at this time. With your answers you can send that intention out into the Cosmos – and be prepared to receive.

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Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Beautiful Pisces. We’re in your energy right now and this is your time.

There is a lot of emphasis around your personal relationships right now and any imbalances there. La Luna is asking you to sit with your Soul and really look into your relationships, and Mercury is helping you to review and return to any stuck emotions sitting inside of you waiting to be healed. Create the space and silence to really analyse how you are feeling when it comes to your relationships – and don’t be shy – get uncomfortable, get vulnerable, dive in deep and allow all of it to flow through you.

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