Energy Begins to Move Again: Weekly Astrology 15 – 21 January

Energy Begins to Move Again Weekly Astrology 15 - 21 January Girl and Her Moon Girl and Her Moon

As Mercury emerges from its retrograde, the Sun moves into Aquarius, and a new Moon initiates a beginning, this week invites us to get planning again, get dreaming again, and get moving again.


Mercury Direct in Capricorn: 19 Jan

Stepping across the threshold into this new year, Mercury was in retrograde in the sign of Capricorn.

As this retrograde comes to an end on 19 January 2023, we get to work with the invitations, the offerings, and the support of Mercury in Capricorn in a new way.

Mercury in astrology rules over our mental realms. It shapes how we take in information, process it, and share it. As an archetype it represents learning, logic, communication, information, technology, and planning.

Capricorn in astrology is an Earth sign. It is here to engage with discipline, persistence, and structure, working within and making the most out of the Earthly limits and laws of matter. The medicine of Capricorn is determination and resilience, guiding us to uncover who we want to be in the world, what we want to contribute, and what path we want to master.

While Mercury was retrograding through Capricorn, we were invited to take our time and consider, question, and reflect on our path. It was a period of reflecting on our goals and visions for our lives, and on our relationship with structure, organisation, planning, and boundaries.

As it emerges from its seemingly backwards spin this week, it emerges with new perspectives. Perspectives that are in greater alignment with who we have become, with who we desire to be, and with the life we desire to live. And while Mercury stays in Capricorn until next month, we get to use the strength that this zodiac sign embodies, and we get to begin building our life.


Aquarius Season: 20 Jan

The Sun is known as the ‘Giver of Life’ in Astrology. It represents the Self, the immortal spirit, our life force, and how we interact with the world around us. As the Sun journeys through each of the 12 zodiac signs, it marks the beginning and end of an astrological season.

The beginning of Aquarius Season on 20 January 2023, marks the end of Capricorn Season. Here, the Sun emerges from the rational, grounded, and serious-in-nature essence of Capricorn, and begins to take the shape of Aquarius, igniting and colouring our sense of self, our inner invitations and desires, and our perspective of Life.

Aquarius is mentally driven, an intellectual thinker seeking evolution. It is future oriented, independent, and innovative.

This is a season where liberation, progress, freedom, authenticity, and individuality are the forces shaping our desires and sense of truth. Aquarius season invites us to both think and step outside of the known.


Aquarius New Moon: 21 Jan

January 21, 2023, brings the Sun and Moon together for a new Moon in Aquarius.

New Moons hold the potential of beginnings, dreaming, and visioning. It is the moment before the seed sprouts, and the emptiness in which all potential exists.

While in Aquarius, this celestial event invites us to plant a seed of hope that is rooted in truth and authenticity. It is here as a moment in time to clarify what is wanting to rise within and through us as the year progresses.

Sitting closely to Pluto in our skies, there is a simultaneous breaking away of the old as there is an expanding into the new. Under this new Moon, we are invited to witness the box that has been keeping us confined, and we get to open the door, step through, and see what’s on the other side.


Your Weekly Astrology Invitation

As we stepped into the year we did so slowly, with major retrogrades and an emotional Cancer full Moon.

However, as Mercury finishes its backwards spin and we enter Aquarius Season, a season of Air, things begin to move once again. A stagnancy begins to clear, time can feel as if it speeds up, and our attention moves from the past and into the future.

This spark only continues with first new Moon of 2023 inviting us to look toward the year ahead with hope, progression, innovation, liberation, and dreams. It asks us to sit with the newness of the Moon and whisper our desires into the ethers, and it asks us to decide on our path ahead.

While Mercury remains in the grounded and practical sign of Capricorn, we can bring both rational and innovative planning to our visions. We can dream up our year ahead without restriction as Aquarius guides us beyond the known, and then we can ground those hopes into planning and building as Capricorn so desires.


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