Gabrielle Anand

Gabrielle Anand

Intuitive Healer, EFT, Sound, and Kundalini Guide

My name is Gabrielle Anand.

Highly intuitive, caring & nurturing, holding space for us all to unfold our blueprints, true potentials and pure happiness is my happy place.

Having transformed my empathy into a skill and a gift, I hold the light during our sessions. Going through myself deep subconscious healing of transforming my life from scratch, facing the depth of my fears, anxiety, disorders and building little by little, every day, self-care, self-love, self-esteem and value. Watering my garden (outer/inner) and literally watching at my flowers blowing and growing.

Join me on this path of unfolding our numinous divine parts of our Hero/Goddess journey. They are obstacles on the golden paved road. Walk the walk with me.Please feel free to send me your questions.

Blessings, Gabrielle

Healings / Workshops

EFT Tapping, Self-Expression & Somatic Dance Girl and Her Moon

EFT Tapping, Self-Expression & Somatic Dance

Gabrielle Anand