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Ella St. Hilaire

Womb Priestess, Doula, & Mentor

Ella St. Hilaire is a womb priestess, doula, & mentor for female leaders, visionaries, & creatives. Her practice is rooted in the methodologies of energy healing, folk herbalism, intersectional feminism, & spiritual activism. As a lifelong nomad with a background in art & writing, her holistic offerings are often inspired by her cultural curiosity & innate experimental nature.

Having previously worked at Vanity Fair, Christie’s, & EDITION Hotels, she launched Bedrock Body in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, after the second wave of the BLM movement. Catalysed by grief, she fulfilled a need within her community to merge radical inner healing with real-world change. Through her bespoke courses, workshops, & private sessions, Ella has now serviced hundreds of women from across the world with a unique, embodied matriarchal pedagogy.

She is currently furthering her theological studies at Harvard Divinity School, with the intent to explore alternative narratives within the legacy of Mary Magdalene.

Healings / Workshops

Shadow and Light Girl and Her Moon

Shadow & Light: Reflections on Non-Duality

Ella St. Hilaire