Shadow & Light: Reflections on Non-Duality

Taught by Womb Priestess, Doula and Mentor, Ella St. Hilaire.

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Shadow and Light: Live Solstice Event Girl and Her Moon

About this Event

Join us live 23 December, or watch the replay, as we gather under the sacred transition of the Solstice with artist, doula, energy healer and teacher, Ella St. Hilaire for:

~  sacred and esoteric teachings

channeled meditation

group discussion

As the Earth’s axis tilts, this allows for different frequencies to enter our vessels, depending on where we are located geographically & electromagnetically.

The Solstice is a rebirth of new life, an internal change in direction, a shift in the expression of energy, soul, and all-that-is through us.

As we join together live, we will be attuning to these frequencies, tending to our vessels, and opening the space to receive what is ours to receive within this sacred shift of all of life.

We will return to our inherent inner cycle, and to where we are in that cycle.

We will come home to ourselves.

Together we will explore teachings around embracing the paradox of opposites within our Being on a metaphysical level, through discussion and embodied practice exploring shadow, light; pain, pleasure; feminine, masculine; emerging winter, and emerging summer – and how these aspects of Being can be collaborative rather than oppositional forces of creation.

Aligning with this intentional and international community, some of us will be transitioning into summer light, while others will be curling into deep winter mode. These teachings can apply regardless of what hemisphere you will be joining from.

Bring your intention, water, sacred tools such as candles or incense, your openness to receive what is yours, and your presence.

What's included

Live ceremonial workshop for the December Solstice. Held live 23 December 12pm EST with teachings, a channeled meditation, and group discussion.


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Ella St. Hilaire
Ella St. Hilaire is a womb priestess, doula, & mentor for female leaders, visionaries, & creatives. Her practice is rooted in the methodologies of energy healing, folk herbalism, intersectional feminism, & spiritual activism. As a lifelong nomad with a background in art & writing, her holistic offerings are often inspired by her cultural curiosity & innate experimental nature.

Having previously worked at Vanity Fair, Christie’s, & EDITION Hotels, she launched Bedrock Body in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, after the second wave of the BLM movement. Catalysed by grief, she fulfilled a need within her community to merge radical inner healing with real-world change. Through her bespoke courses, workshops, & private sessions, Ella has now serviced hundreds of women from across the world with a unique, embodied matriarchal pedagogy.

She is currently furthering her theological studies at Harvard Divinity School, with the intent to explore alternative narratives within the legacy of Mary Magdalene.

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