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Celebrating Thankfulness Under The Sagittarius New Moon

Girl and Her Moon New Moon in Sagittarius

November 26th marks a very exciting time for our Astrological fingerprints. It’s when the New Moon in Sagittarius makes its impact on the Earth. It also has an uncanny timing as we approach the American Thanksgiving. It’s important to note that not everyone celebrates or recognizes this holiday, but we can all take a moment to embrace gratefulness and prosperity, regardless of your standing on the holiday.

This beautiful New Moon represents the very start of a fresh new chapter – a fun new chapter in Sagittarius style. It represents abundant opportunities to start over, to go further, and turn our attention to the new cycle of life that waits ahead. Sagittarius as an energy is encouraging and assisting us to make the most of what we’ve got to work with, reminding us to smile, to look within and see that we have had the answers all along.

Attune to the New Moon and count your blessings, literally. Write them down and say them out loud. And know that by doing this, you are allowing the powerful energy of the Sagittarius New Moon to plant the seeds for much abundance to come. Because there is plenty of it as we move into Eclipse Season with a Solar Eclipse on December 25!


Sagittarius Energy For The Holidays

Ready for a brief history lesson? When you look closely, the journey that the pilgrims took in the 1600s resembles the natural energy of the Sagittarius star sign. Not only does Sagittarius stand for exploration and journeys, it also has the ability to harness desire for improvement, a wanderlust, and immense courage. Rebirth, new beginnings, and shedding of negativity are also trademarks of the Sagittarius. These fire signs are full of promise and ambition, much like the travelling pilgrims were as they made their way to their new home.

Back then, there was no guarantee that America would succeed. It was but a concept born and treasured by a small group of brave explorers. With this New Moon coming to us on Tuesday the 26th, we all have the opportunity to tap into the sleeping power of Sagittarius energy and create a pilgrimage of our own in pursuit of a new dream and fresh beginnings. A clean slate, if you will.


Each Sign & Their Personal Pilgrimage

No matter how you celebrate the upcoming holidays, it would benefit you to take a moment, slow down, and enjoy the bounty of this Sagittarius New moon. Each sign has a set of struggles ahead in their personal journeys, but also the chance for great success and a fresh start in the difficult areas in their life. Knowing when to keep trying or when to let go is important for your own mental and emotional clarity, and this horoscope for each sign can pose as a lighthouse to help guide you through the confliction, high emotions of the new moon.


Aries Girl and Her Moon

Aries ♈︎

For the Aries sun signs, take a close look at your 7th house and your personal relationships. Much of your strength through this moon cycle in Sagittarius will come from those you surround yourself with. Are they giving a positive influence in your life? It’s time to be realistic with yourself as you analyze the affect your people have on you. Another important focus this month is communication – look at where Saturn is in your birth chart, and try to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way when it comes to these areas in your life.

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Aries Girl and Her Moon

Taurus ♉︎

Taurus, you are coming down from a pretty great time astrologically. We all most recently got to enjoy your natural energy from the prior full moon, but now that Sagittarius is dominating the scene with it’s more aggressive, loud personality, you may be feeling a little worn out or under the weather. This is the time to trust your own psyche. Be positive about situations that are within your control, and practice having a stable spirituality to handle that you cannot control. Your Pisces and Scorpio placements in your birth chart will be your saving grace during this moon cycle, so follow the clues in the stars and try and think deeply about those areas of your life currently, and fix what you can to get a more positive existence.

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Gemini Girl and Her Moon

Gemini ♊︎

Don’t let anyone tell you your personality is too much, and don’t let anyone tell you that your reactions are too much. Sagittarius is an excellent time to celebrate this aspect of your personality, so don’t be afraid to stop holding back so much when it comes to your personality. The maturity that the nurturing of feelings caused by reactions to things in your life is important to your personal growth, so don’t let anyone stand in the way of you achieving this. This new moon in Sagittarius is your time to enjoy attention and shine in your own unique way, so look deep into your 5th house and your Saturn placements for guidance.

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Cancer Girl and Her Moon

Cancer ♋︎

You have no idea how inspiring you are to others. This Sagittarius moon may give you feelings of discontentment or lack of belonging, but it’s time for you to open your eyes and take a good look around you. The advanced emotional maturity the Cancer sign possess will prove to be a very helpful thing for those you care about during this phase of transition. You should continue as you are, and be the muse for those needing change in their lives. Be prepared to sacrifice some of your own comfort to lend a caring hand to those struggling. Your Neptune and Mercury placements will be a help when it comes to dealing with any personal stress.

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Leo Girl and Her Moon

Leo ♌︎

Defending what you can save and accepting what you cannot is the theme for you this moon phase, Leo. It’s always a battle to let go of a war lost, especially for you, but you need to let your feelings tell you how to part with something overwhelming. In other words, know your own limits this season, Leo. Do not let your dreams or ideations of negative energy hold you back. There will be a lot of chances to shed some bad energy and influences, so be sure you are surrounded by those who care for you and not what you offer. In your birth chart, take special note of your Pisces and Gemini placements, as these two energies will be your saving grace as you have to say goodbye to some elements of your lifestyle.

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Virgo Girl and Her Moon

Virgo ♍︎

The Taurus season has played well into the strengths of a Virgo personality, who hates change and welcomes stability and order. Sagittarius will threaten the Virgo with the exact opposite of their comfort zone – so don’t back away from this moon cycle and isolate. Your temptation to do it all on your own will grow, but you need to not fall into a trap that leaves you overworked and worn out. There is a secret to be learned from your power of keeping a tight ship, but it’s a threat to your chance at advancement. Follow your 1st house on your birth chart and try to let your 5th house placements be your leader through this moon cycle.

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Libra Girl and Her Moon

Libra ♎︎

Your work will be the focus of your life this moon cycle. Sagittarius brings with it the promise of new beginnings, so a career-related change is headed your way. You’ll need to tap into the force of your Aries placements in your birth chart while keeping the sensitive nature of your Pisces placements intact to maximize your success this month. Libra, it’s also important that you do not get too sucked into your job that you forget to be a service to others as you and your family come together to give thanks. Balance is usually your strong suit, so keep that in mind when you feel you struggle to keep the weight evenly distributed.

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Scorpio Girl and Her Moon

Scorpio ♏︎

A Scorpio loves a good puzzle, but let’s simplify the focus of this moon cycle; responsibility, success, balance, and cooperation. If you want to become a person of power and status, it could all begin here with the Sagittarius New moon. The influence from the season combined with your Scorpio energy, which is in full swing right now, offers an excellent time to strengthen and grow any aspect of your life. This will be the easiest in areas involving your 10th and 7th houses, so your ambition and romantic relationships will be your best chances at success.

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Sagittarius Girl and Her Moon

Sagittarius ♐︎

You feel the powerful energy within you, don’t you, Sagittarius? While this is a great feeling, do not let it make you reckless and prideful. Pay attention to the biggest sources of negative energy in your life and seek out freedom from being associated with it. This could be manifesting in your circle of friends. For fire signs, their personal relationships are what give them the inspiration to carry on, but using other people’s resources can be a heavy indicator of your own energy. Are the people around you who they should be, or are you being taken advantage of? Look at your 11th house in your natal chart for additional clarity on your personal relationships and how they influence your own ability to succeed.

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Capricorn Girl and Her Moon

Capricorn ♑︎

Stop living in the dark, Capricorn. You’re a solitary type, most comfortable in the familiarity of your own home and company. The way you project yourself is respectable, but has the tendency to be isolating… so don’t let this habit waste your chance to harness the Sagittarius energy this moon cycle. Bring your desires to light and listen for positive encouragement. Surround yourself with those you trust and admire and lean on them for support as you come out of your comfort zone to make things happen. You can’t procrastinate or hide this moon cycle, so take this time to ultimately experience your own spirituality as your guide.

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Aquarius Girl and Her Moon

Aquarius ♒︎

Seek out that which makes you feel secure. This could mean really enjoying the time spent with family for the holidays or maybe avoiding that scene and sticking close to home. For each Aquarius, comfort will manifest in different ways. Your 4th house will shed more light on what makes you the most at peace, so follow your instincts when it comes to that. Tapping into the Scorpio energy in your natal chart will also help build a barrier between you and the world. As a social air sign, the need for privacy could be alarming, but rest assured this is just a turning point for your personal and spiritual growth.

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Pisces Girl and Her Moon

Pisces ♓︎

Pisces doesn’t usually make waves. As a general type, you are quiet and certain in your actions, but not full of dramatics. This Sagittarius New Moon will give you the chance to stir up situations by using what you want to be known as a driving force. In other words, speak up. You have the method of analyzing situations that have a high emotional influence more clearly than those around you, so be their leader and follow what you believe. Your Uranus placements will be an inventive aspect this moon cycle, pointing you in the direction of where your energy should go when you are creating and progressing.

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