Cancer New Moon July 2021 + ritual!

Cancer New Moon July 2021 + ritual! Girl and Her Moon

Inner healing. Deep nurturing. Beginning this new cycle with the core of who we are in a supported, strong, and nurtured position.



  • Wellington: Saturday July 10 – 1.16 pm
  • Sydney: Saturday July 10 – 11.16 am
  • New Delhi: Saturday July 10 – 6.46 am
  • Dubai: Saturday July 10 – 5.16 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday July 10 – 4.16 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Saturday July 10 – 3.16 am
  • London: Saturday July 10 – 2.16 am
  • New York/Ottawa: Friday July 9 – 9.16 pm
  • Los Angeles: Friday July 9 – 6.16 pm


Cancer holds our origin.

Our lineage. Our past. Our foundation. Our home. The inner core of who we are. Cancer is our roots.

When we go all the way down to the roots, check the health, the soil, nurture the beginning of where all Life began – the leaves bloom. With a strong foundation, an entire plant is strong, healthy, vibrant, and filled with life.

When we meet ourselves at the very core of who we are, hold ourselves, heal ourselves, be with ourselves, and nurture ourselves – the rest of ourselves bloom, heal, are filled with source and with Life.

This is the energy of this beautiful lunation. Inner healing. Deep nurturing. Beginning this new cycle with the core of who we are in a supported, strong, and nurtured position.

Alongside this nurturing New Moon, we have some other cosmic events blending their energies within. With the recent T-Square with Mars, Saturn, and Uranus, some of its tension may still be present, or even magnified with the emotion of this New Moon.

A tension that is ultimately here to inspire action, a breaking point leading into a beautiful opening, a breakthrough into a new cycle. If you feel this tension – be with it. Be with it inside your body, inside your home, meet it at the core of yourself, nurture it, love it. It will bloom – you will open.

Being a water Sign, Cancer knows the healing that can be found in emotion. It intuitively knows that when we shed a tear, we shed much more than that tear. We shed the emotion that was felt with that tear. We shed the past. We let it fall.

This New Moon brings out both the mother and the child within us. It asks us to nurture ourselves. There is no sidestepping emotion under this New Moon, here our emotions take front and centre – showing us what they need, guiding us into healing.

Chiron is also present with this Cancer New Moon – a beautiful pairing and a beautiful, supportive, and clear pathway leading us down the path of healing any inner wounding.

This inner core healing also holds a beautiful seed of long-term stability, growth, and manifestation. Instead of working from the outside in, or from the top layers of who we are – we plant our desires right into our centre and we feel into the very depth of it.

This creates beautiful long-term growth, lasting results. If there is something you are building, creating, a desire that is on your heart – under this New Moon – plant the seeds, speak with your Soul and hold the desire in the very centre of your being. Cancer will hold the intention of commitment, perseverance, and manifestation.

With the T-Square (Mars, Saturn & Uranus) energy, with Chiron present, and with Cancer leading us home – this is a beautiful time of healing. Deep inner healing. Core healing. Breaking through the old patterning and fear that we may be holding onto for safety. It’s a time to renew that sense of safety within. To nurture ourselves so deeply that we build a sense of security within, we trust ourselves, we love ourselves.

Emotion is here to hold us. Tension is here to open us. This Moon is here to lead ourselves home.

Be with anything that comes to the surface – knowing it is your heart bringing your attention to what is no longer you, what is ready to be healed – knowing that your heart will never give you more than what you can safely move through.

Journal. Meditate. Breathe. Move. Hold yourself. Cry. Reflect. Think of who you desire to be. Think of the Life you desire to live. Be with yourself in whatever way you are guided to. We have created a beautiful Inner Child Healing Soul Journey inside of our membership to hold you under this energy, available if you feel called.



Cancer New Moon Ritual

Deeply Nurtured – Inner Child Healing

A beautiful Inner Child Healing Soul Journey exclusive to our  Flow with the Moon Membership to hold you under this energy, to be the safety as you go deeply within.

The intention of this journey is to allow you to feel fully seen, witnessed, and acknowledged.

To open the space for you to tap into your inner healer. Because you are your most precious medicine. No one can bring about healing in your energy and body better than you.

For you to feel so safe with yourself and in your body, that maybe you can open your heart that little bit more. Maybe you can bring down some walls. In your perfect timing. At your own pace.

And lastly, for you to re-write your past, letting it untangle cords that are still present in your life. When we heal our past, it has a ripple affect into our now, and into our future.

Upon signing up to the Flow with the Moon Membership, this ritual, along with the upcoming Full Moon Ritual (collaboration!) and many more incredible exercises and prompts, will be accessible instantly for you to move through in your own time, in your sacred space.

With additional pages of writing prompts and letter writing exercises designed to really lean into, surrender into, and let your Soul wash over you completely and wholly.

Exclusive to our Flow with the Moon Membership, by joining this month you will also receive instant access to intention work, a monthly tarot reading, and our Full Moon Ritual – Your Wealth Legacy & Future Potential Activation, and more, valuing over $600.

Cancer New Moon July 2021 ritual Girl and Her Moon


If you are already a member – sign in to your dashboard here.

For your zodiac horoscope, be sure to check our Instagram the day of the New Moon – Dilosh has created Tarot Readings for the zodiacs! x

All the love, always, Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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