Astrology Weekly Horoscope for your Zodiac: June 9 – 15 2024

There are vast astrological movements in the cosmos this upcoming week. And when there are vast movements above, we find vast movements within. The planets represent archetypes for universal aspects alive within each of us.

When they move in ways that stir and ignite specific energies, it is simply yet profoundly a mirror of different aspects of ourselves asking to be witnessed and shifted.

Mars enters Taurus: June 9 2024

Welcome to a new season of channelling your energy, drive, and will with persistence, stability, patience, and focus. It’s the entrance of Mars into Taurus on June 9 2024 where it will remain until July 20 2024.

While Gemini Season opens our minds to new ideas and vast potentials, it can be easy to remain in the realm of thought. Mars however, is here to do, act, and build. It doesn’t live in the mind. It lives in our physical bodies as if a fire of passion burning deep from within until we can’t help but express it into tangible action.

Taurus is an Earth sign also here for the tangible building of its life. It moves slowly yet persistently. It holds patience and lasting power. And as Mars moves through the sign of Taurus for the next six weeks, we are in a season of intentional and meaningful application of our will and drive. We are in a season less about speed when it comes to our action, doing and building, and more about persistence, sustainability, and consistency.

Sun square Saturn: June 9 2024

Another grounded and practical energy, Saturn is here for tangible, physical, and practical manifestation. Saturn thinks long term about the life we are building and the person we are becoming. It is responsibility, discipline, and an unfiltered look into the mirror of reality.

As the Sun dances through Gemini, Saturn builds in Pisces, and it is this week on June 9 2024 that these planets come into what is called a square aspect. A square is known for its tension for the sake of getting our attention. It asks us to look at something. It highlights what we are ready to shift. And it requires an energy release of some kind.

Sun square Saturn is a look into that mirror of reality. While the Sun in Gemini is playing with ideas and potentials in the mind, Saturn asks, how can we make these real? Saturn asks, how can we ground these potentials into the life we are building for ourselves?

The mirror of Saturn is here to realistically show us where we are on the path of our lives in relation to who we want to be and where we want to go. When we say yes to the gift of self-responsibility, sacred discipline, and devotion to whatever our vision or life plan may be, Saturn also shows us just how much better life can be.

Mars square Pluto: June 11 2024

As Mars moves into Taurus, it makes contact with Pluto in Aquarius. Another square aspect, there is something asking for our attention.

Both Mars and Pluto are high energy planets – meaning, their essence is often felt deeply in our emotional, energetic, and physical bodies. They are both energies that demand to be expressed, channelled, moved through us into something.

And as these two planets come together on June 11 2024, allow yourself to move your energy into something. Whether a sprint, dance, singing, yoga, a piece of art or something else. Expression is essential on this day and the days around it.

Whenever a planet touches Pluto it is an avenue through which the unconscious can become conscious. It is through movement and outer expression that we are transforming unconscious material of the psyche into empowerment and self-reclamation.

Mercury square Saturn: June 12 2024

Our final square aspect this week is between Mercury and Saturn on June 12 2024.

Saturn in Pisces, from 2023 – 2025, has, and continues to be, a space where we are making our dreams a reality, grounding our imaginations and creating a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. Mercury in Gemini has been ideas, quick thinking, and a clearing and clarifying of our minds, narratives, and perspectives.

As they form a square aspect this week, there is a reminder to remember just how impactful and powerful your mind is. What lives between our two ears creates what lives outside of us. As we shift the narratives of our mind it imbues and directs each step we take, and therefore, the life we are building.

There is an invitation to remember that freedom and discipline work best when in collaboration, and the vast ideas and imaginations that we desire for our lives require practical, grounded, and patient application to bring to fruition.

Mercury Cazimi in Gemini: June 14 2024

Mercury is known as the Messenger of the Gods in mythology. It would travel from God to God, collecting and dispersing their wisdom and messages. It would also travel from realm to realm, from the upper realms of the Gods known as the superconscious or universal consciousness, into the Earthly realm or our everyday consciousness, down into the underworld or our unconscious, and back up and around again collecting and dispersing messages. When it reaches the Sun, however, is when all of these messages can begin to filter into our sense of self, identity, and conscious awareness.

The Sun in astrology is our core self, and who we know ourselves to be. Stemming from an Arabic term, a ‘cazimi’ is a planet coming into ‘the heart of the Sun’. This week on June 14 2024 Mercury and the Sun will be inseparable in our skies, becoming one for a moment.

It is a day of vast insights and information channelling into our minds. The many messages Mercury has been receiving as it moves from planet to planet, realm to realm, has a direct doorway to be received in our conscious awareness.

Journalling, speaking, space for contemplation and opening up to greater receptivity of messages and insights are what this day is asking of us.

Weekly Astrology: Bringing it Together

With a focus on Saturn this week, invite grounding into your life. Saturn teaches us that as we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives we take back our power. Saturn also teaches us that for change to occur, we must lovingly, yet clearly, look at the reality of our lives. To be aware of what is, allows us to be aware of what we would like to shift, open up to, release, or pivot.

With Mars and Pluto alive and creating movements within this week, move your energy. Whether through your voice, your body, your emotions. As we move we clear stagnancy. We create more space. We activate what is already ready for transformation within us that simply required the permission. We touch into and create more space for the flow of creation that moves through us. And with Pluto, we transform unconscious material into a reclamation of empowerment.

And as the vast focus on Gemini Season continues and we meet the Mercury cazimi of this week – bring your attention into your mind. What is this world in here? If Saturn asks us to take responsibility for all, what would it mean to take responsibility for the world of your mind, the narratives within it, and the perspectives we look through? As the week comes to an end allow your mind to open up and receive, for the messenger of the Gods is ready to share much with us.

Weekly Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sign

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrology chart, highlighting different areas of our human experience. By looking to your zodiac sign – in particular your rising sign, we can begin to discern those shifts and invitations.

Read on for your horoscope forecast for June 9–15, 2024. For a greater in depth reading based on your astrology chart, explore our Transits Astrology Reading.

Aries Rising

Creation is part of why we are all here. To play in the imaginal only to realise that with dedication, consistency, and practical building, we can bring those dreams into our reality. This is a week to check in with this process and begin to clarify and channel your energy towards the building of your dream life.

Taurus Rising

You are worthy of consistent, continued, and patient building, Taurus Rising. Offer yourself that gift. The long-term devotion to bringing the life you desire through. This week invites you to look at the practicalities needed for your dreams and reminds us that there is power in patience.

Gemini Rising

The zodiac of freedom and untethered movement, this week invites you to explore the relationship between freedom and responsibility, freedom and structure, empowerment and loving self-discipline. It invites you to land deeper into yourself, and into the hands of this vast existence, transforming your fundamental beliefs of life and possibility in the process.

Cancer Rising

This week invites space, reflection, quiet, and sacredness, Cancer Rising. It is a connection with the unseen, a step into the energetic, a retreat from the noise that comes with life. There is deep transformation happening within, and it is through leaning into the practices that bring you home to yourself that this transformation can continue to move.

Leo Rising

Begin to look long term. What do you want for yourself? What life do you want to leave? What legacy do you want to leave? And what must transform and shift within you, and within your life, to begin building that for yourself? Continue to play in the space of your mind, tuning into ideas as if they were floating in the ethers waiting for you.

Virgo Rising

A new chapter has begun in your career and the long-term building of your dreams, and this week brings a transformation to your fundamental beliefs of trust, hope, and possibility in how good it can be for you. It invites you to look towards your daily movements and habits, observing if they are supporting you long term, or not.

Libra Rising

You are rebuilding your belief system this week and beyond, Libra Rising. And in the process, there is profound inner transformation happening beyond the surface of your awareness. This is a week to explore self-expression of your emotions and creativity, leaning into the practices and spaces that support your emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing.

Scorpio Rising

True to your nature, this week invites a dance between all that lives in your unconscious, and the realm of your conscious awareness. It dives deep into your depth and your history, collective and shifting memories and emotions ready to be transformed. And it asks for discipline and devotion when it comes to your self-expression and creativity.

Sagittarius Rising

It’s a clearing, cleansing, and rebuilding of your mind and all that lives in it, Sagittarius Rising. Both within your unconscious and conscious, within the memories of your mind and the memories of your body. All for the purpose of deeper, wider, more joyful, loving, and real connection, love, and relating with yourself, others, and life itself.

Capricorn Rising

Transform your days and you transform your life, Capricorn Rising. Bring in practices, habits and routines that support you. Allow space for self-expression, joy, and art – allowing it to heal your sense of worthiness and value. Allow space for sacred discipline – allowing it to hold you while you become who you deserve to be for yourself.

Aquarius Rising

You are art. Life is your canvas. Express it. Let it be truthful. Let it be real. You are in a season of transformation and transformation must move; it must be expressed. There is an invitation for movement in your sense of home within yourself, and for practical planning and building of finances that support this movement and transformation.

Pisces Rising

Your intuition is your gift. Your imagination is your superpower. This week, like many others, is an invitation to come home to yourself, connect with the desires that are real to you, and begin exploring what you want to bring into your life and what that requires. There is expression this week yet there is also surrender. There is practical planning yet there is a reminder that we cannot control.

Article originally written for Yoga Journal.

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