Astrology of Cancer Season June/July 2022

Connecting with Cancer Season June July 2022 Girl and Her Moon

Cancer Season: 

 June 21 – July 22

Cancer element:


Ruling planet:



⊹ Connecting with Cancer

The Sun moves through each 12 zodiacs within an astrological year spending approx. 30 days in each sign, which in astrology we call a season. When the Sun moves into a new sign, it is as if the overall shade, energy, colour, or vibe of the atmosphere has shifted. We feel the essence of this new sign showing up in our day to day lives. We get to experience the energy of this sign for these 30 days and become one with it in our own way.

On June 21st 2022, the Sun moves into the sign of Cancer. Cancer is a deeply intuitive, nurturing, and tender sign. It represents our sense of inner safety, security, family, and love. Ruled by the Moon and a water sign, during this time we are invited to tune in to our emotions and step into an inner dialogue that encourages us to become our own healers, nurturers, and intuitives of our inner worlds.

During this season our emotions will be our number one guidance system and will hold our greatest paths of inner healing. It’s a season of soft music and slow movement, inner child journaling and deep family bonds. It is while the Sun is in this sign that we have an opportunity to dive into and meet the core of our own needs, and in a new way, nourish those needs.

Cancer is also a sign of initiation. It is our seas and our origins. It is our roots and our emotions. It is both our inner child and our mother self. It is both the human need for nurturing and the source of nurturing.

It initiates us into feeling and exploring all that we have left unfelt. Going all the way down into the roots of self, the core of self, the beginning of self, and it holds us from there. It holds us while we meet ourselves at the very core of who we are, holding, healing, loving, nurturing, witnessing – allowing every layer that stems from that centre to heal. It holds us and gives us permission to feel our deepest needs, the needs we don’t notice on a daily basis, the needs our inner child has been yearning for, the needs that sit within the depths of our Soul. Cancer holds us here and asks us to get to know these needs. To befriend these needs.

As it is a cardinal (initiating) sign, this season is a beautiful time to plant new seeds of desire. Something beautiful about connecting with the deeper inner worlds of ourselves is that we also get to meet our true desires. Not the desires that came from the world around us, or from proving a sense of worth, from pressure, comparison, or a felt need to keep up – but the desires that come from our heart.

As we step into a new season, take some time to speak your desires into the world.

This season, the doors of healing have opened.

Healing in both ourselves and our most valued relationships. Come home to the basics. Cancer represents our homes and the foundations of what makes a home a home. Comfort. Nourishing food. Family. Friends. Safety. Security. Love. Come home to your body and enjoy your senses. See how your body is communicating to you as you stretch, move, surrender. Enjoy the company of your loved ones. Let compassion be a theme in the family home and allow healing to naturally flow from this intention. Engage in moments that create a sense of peace from any mental chatter. Last season was all about the mind. As we move into this week, it’s more about the body, the emotions, and our loved ones.


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⊹ Cancer Season Astrology ⊹


June Solstice: June 21

After a new beginning that sprung forth in March under the Equinox, the June solstice ushers us into the second phase of the Earths journey around the Sun. June 21st marks the Summer Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere, and the Winter Solstice for the Southern.

The word Solstice comes from the Latin words Sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). On this sacred day, the Earth’s axis reaches it maximum tilt towards the Sun – which has reached its highest point in the sky. It is here that we meet our longest, and most sun-filled day of the year for some, and our shortest and darkest day of the year for others.

This day marks a turning point for the Earth. She has been building in one direction and has reached her peak. It is now it is a matter of shifting into her next chapter, her next stage, and the next phase of her being. This shifting of our surroundings is an invitation to lean into the shift that is occurring within each of us, too.

It is through honouring the constant motion of the Earth and all of nature that we can honour our own cycles of change, growth, expansion, shedding, release, shifting and more. Giving ourselves permission to change, just as the Earth. Giving ourselves permission to let go when we know it is time, and to begin again when we are inspired to do so.


Venus enters Gemini: June 23- July 5

Venus is our planet of love, beauty, abundance, harmony, and the ruler of our relationships in the world of astrology. Wherever Venus goes it leaves a beautiful trail of comfort, joy, and self-value. In our relationships, we begin to see the themes of whichever zodiac sign Venus sits in coming up to the surface.

As Venus moves into the dynamic, joyful and social sign of Gemini themes of communication, inspiration, collaboration, and conversation are ready to be experienced.

Gemini is an air of excitement, desiring to share all its ideas and thoughts with the world. It knows that communication is one of the core foundations of connection. And it knows that connection is one of the greatest joys of being alive.

This is a beautiful time for communication within relationships and a fun time to get a little flirty and playful, in true Gemini style. Writing, speaking, expressing emotion, and connecting to our loved ones through words. This is the gift of Venus in Gemini.


Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: June 28 – December 3

A five month period where the veil lifts, higher and deeper truth comes to the surface. Neptune is our planed of spirituality, mysticism, and intuition. It is illusive and mysterious, subtle and dreamy. It lives in both the seen and unseen realms, blending them together – reminding us that our reality is a coming together of both the seen and unseen, the physical and the imagination.

While in retrograde it is in Pisces, its home sign. It is comfortable here. Watery. Emotional. Deeply spiritual. Very sensitive.

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces tap us into higher spiritual truths and guides us in connecting and expanding our intuitive senses, healing journey and expression of compassion. It opens our awareness of connection with Life, God, Soul, Source, Universe. A beautiful time to connect inward to a higher power, allowing more divine support and guidance. A beautiful time to sharpen intuitive senses and knowing.

There is beautiful potential for healing during this retrograde, especially through spirituality and creativity. This is a transit that allows us to connect inward. Exploring subconscious patterning and exploring insecurities so that we may nurture the source from which they were born, so that we may heal the roots of them through love, so that we may witness their higher truth through first witnessing their illusion.


Cancer New Moon: June 29

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. When the Moon sits in this dynamic sign it is strong in its essence and power, able to nourish the seeds we plant under the beginning of this new cycle.

This New Moon is a new beginning through deep nurturing. It is initiation through healing. Movement through emotion. Growth through nourishing our inner child. Forward movement through feeding our past.

This New Moon holds the potential and invitation to build a new sense of healing, nurturing, comfort and stability. It supports us to begin again in a new way, a new way where we are secure in venturing through and using the strength in our emotion as powerful seeds for our next chapter. It asks us to get in touch with the needs and desires that we perhaps weren’t acutely aware of, the ones deep within. And to plant, create, initiate, love, begin, live from there.


Venus Sextile Jupiter: June 29

Venus comes into a harmonious position with Jupiter, allowing each planet to shine. Venus is our planet of beauty, relationships, worth and comfort, where Jupiter is our planet of expansion, luck, growth and joy. These planets coming together and supporting one another brings an essence of opportunity, beautiful potential new beginning. It is a cosmic flow of ease, support and a divine possibility presenting itself. Good luck is coming your way.


Mercury in Taurus: 5 July – 19 July

Mercury moves from Gemini to Taurus. This movement is not only a change in zodiac signs, but also a change in elements – from Air to Earth – giving it an entirely different feel.

Mercury is our planet of communication, the mind, and technology. When in Earth Signs, Mercury, and therefore our modes of thinking and communicating, shift more into our commitments, structures, and ways that we are living in this present, physical world.

Taurus is a builder. It is steady. Devoted and dedicated. Grounded. Present in the physical and connected with the resources of the Earth and the senses of our physical bodies. It is the sign that guides us to witness where we are ready to create more stability in our lives, where we are ready to witness our worth and allow in abundance and support in harmony with that worth.

With Mercury in this stable, grounded, and earth sign, there is an invitation to express with more intention. There is an invitation to think and communicate about finances, wealth, and pleasures.


Capricorn Full Moon: 13 July

Full Moons illuminate. They bring the unconscious into the conscious. They bring to light what was previously hiding in the dark.

Capricorn is a hard-working sign, it’s an Earth sign focusing on the practical, grounded, and physical movements of life. It knows how to dedicate itself to long-term plans, goals, and efforts – even if the rewards aren’t instant. To call on the Capricorn within our own energy fields is to call on the dedicated, structured ‘fatherly’ archetype that is within us all, to guide us into the practical application of our greatest dreams.

A Full Moon in Capricorn is an invitation to release any resistance we have to the greater creation of ourselves, and of our legacy. It illuminates what doesn’t ‘match’ with what we wish to create. It is showing us what is ready to fall away, so that we can embody our highest potential.


Venus in Cancer: 16 July

Venus is our planet of love, beauty, abundance, harmony, and the ruler of our relationships in the world of astrology. Wherever Venus goes it leaves a beautiful trail of comfort, joy, and self-value. In our relationships, we begin to see the themes of whichever zodiac sign Venus sits in coming up to the surface.

While in the watery sign of Cancer, the invitation from the cosmos is truly one of love, emotion, communication, healing, and connection especially in our relationships. Have conversations that initiate a deeper sense of connection with your loved ones. The ones where there are no barriers in the way. The ones that feed all involved in a way that nourishes the soul.

This transit brings an opportunity for deep inner healing in relationship to our security, abundance, comfort, and inner value. Explore what makes you feel secure, safe, valued.


Mercury enters Leo: 19 July 

Mercury is our planet of communication, the mind, and technology. It colours the way we take in the information of the world around us. It shapes the way we communicate, lean, and think.

While in Leo our minds become bold, bright, expressive, creative and courageous. Leo is passion, it is expressive. Ruled by the Sun it is warm and bright, sunny, and the life-giving. It is also a deeply romantic, loving, and giving energy, inviting Mercury and our communication to be expressed in this way, inviting loving communication within our relationships.


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