Aries New Moon April 2022 Horoscopes + Ritual ♡


  • Wellington: Friday April 1 – 6.24 pm
  • Sydney: Friday April 1 – 5.24 pm
  • Tokyo: Friday April 1 – 3.24 pm
  • Singapore: Friday April 1 – 2.24 pm
  • New Delhi: Friday April 1 – 11.54 am
  • Dubai: Friday April 1 – 10.24 am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Friday April 1 – 9.24 am
  • Paris/Berlin: Friday April 1 – 8.24 am
  • London: Friday April 1 – 7.24 am
  • New York/Toronto: Friday April 1 – 2.24 am
  • Los Angeles: Thursday May 31 – 11.24 pm

Key Themes:

Potentials, Dreams, Desires, Beginnings, Inspiration

Aries element:


Aries Ruling Planet:



The Earth shifted her seasons, asking us to be reborn once again.

The Astrological cycle began again, asking us too, to begin once again.

This chapter is new.

It is fresh.

It is a beginning, a rebirth, a discovery, and exploration of all the places your Soul, heart, mind, and entire existence has been hinting and desiring to walk in the direction of.

There has been a building in your system. Ideas. Thoughts. Openings. Potentials. What ifs.

Those what ifs are not far away concepts. They are not too big. They are not random.

They are you. They are your path.

And for a moment, let’s open our hearts in total receptivity for all the ways, support, love, synchronicities, and guidance that Life, the Universe, God, Source Energy, is reminding us that these ideas and desires are on our path, are for us, are for us, are for us.

This beautiful Aries New Moon is the first of the season, the first of the cycle, the first of this astrological year that we have recently stepped into.

It breaks open our awareness to the seeds of potential and opportunities of growth that sit around us, within us, waiting to be acknowledged and activated, waiting and so excited to become alive and experienced.

It breaks open our awareness to witness how we have shifted, where we have been feeling guided, and our deep worthiness and complete abilities to create those desires.

Your dreams desire you.

On your path. Waiting for the most divine moment when all the lights turn green. A coming together of inspiration, bold belief in self, a witnessing of deep self-worth for a wildly fulfilling life, and a willingness to devote to the path ahead.

Aries is initiation.

It is the feeling, excitement, the vision, passion. It is the idea downloading and arriving in its most divine and desired package. It is the butterflies of potential that fill us with what if, what if, what if, overflowing into that first step of doing and being this new beginning.

The New Moon is a more internal and quiet time for the Moon. And so, while the passion and fire runs hot under this lunation, there is an invitation to presently witness within before any impulsive expression without. Witness the energy of your new path coming alive in your body, witnessing the desires that are sprouting within your heart, feeling it. Experiencing it within. Becoming it within. When the light turns green, when the overflow of our being of this new state emerges, we take the step, as we are guided, we carry out divine action.

As Jupiter and Neptune continue to get closer to a reunion in Pisces that we have not experienced in over 166 years, deep inspiration and creativity opens for each of us.

This reminds us to dream.

It reminds us to reach into the realms of magic, beauty, creativity, inviting you to reach into the etheric planes where source is all, where there are no boundaries for what possibility is, where expansion lies in our connection to Source and to ourselves. Where there are no limits. Where the energy to flow into our endeavours is endless.

Let this New Moon journey you into that. Let it bring together the dreaminess of Pisces and Neptune, the expansion of Jupiter, the excitement and boldness of Aries, the boundless energy of the Sun, intuition of the Moon, and mental clarity of Mercury (also in Aries).

Let the presence of Aquarius, where Venus, Mars, and Saturn sit together and remind us how to perceive things differently, remind us that the path that is familiar isn’t the only path, that our path calls our name uniquely.

Let Mars light a fire towards a new way of thinking, and this new path presenting itself to you. Let Saturn remind you of the structure you are building, the path that is stable, meaningful, present with authority, let it remind you that what you create has the strength to stabilise, impact, and last.

Turn up the volume of self, and the devotion to your inspirations. Let your path come alive in your body, until you are so full of being that it overflows. It all begins with you. Aries reminds us of this.

New Moon Ritual

A Reclamation of Self: A journey into the Akasha under the Aries New Moon

A meditative exploration for you to journey into your Akashic Records and access a pivotal point in your journey – the self that is ready to be reclaimed, re-embodied and re-awakened.

A meeting point, a culmination of every step you have taken to reach this point in your journey, in your life.

A point in your journey that was always destined for a re-becoming, under this igniting Aries New Moon.

After the growth, the change, the shedding and becoming that you have moved through it is now that you get to discover who you have become, to witness this new chapter of self and become it wholly.

Where we sit in the Akashic Records holds a beautifully pure energy, an energy that is working with us, with our higher selves and more, in dimensions that whether we have a full conscious understanding of, is impacting us greatly energetically.

Step into this Aries New Moon within your Akashic Records, in deep collaboration and connection with your guide(s) to reawaken what is ready to come alive within your system.

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A Reclamation of Self: Aries New Moon Ritual Girl and Her Moon


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All the love, always.

Happy New Moon.

Jordane x

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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