Aquarius Full Moon August 2021: Zodiac Tarot Reading ♡

Aquarius Full Moon Zodiac Tarot Readings by Kapualani!

Tarot picks up on energy and translates it into clear and tangible guidance, whilst also working with your Higher Self and Spirit Guides to bring you the exact message you need in this moment.

If you would like to go deeper with this beautiful lunar Energy, we have a beautiful Full Moon Reading.


This way, the only energy being picked up is the energy surrounding and flowing through you individually. 




* We recommend watching your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign!

Aries: 0:00 Taurus: 8:45 Gemini: 16:45 Cancer: 24:26 Leo: 34:05 Virgo: 41:45 Libra: 51:15 Scorpio: 59:43 Sagittarius: 1:08:46 Capricorn: 01:15:00 Aquarius: 01:23:01 Pisces: 01:30:05





Kapualani x

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