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Holy jeeeesssssss it’s my birthday!!!! A whole nother year gone by, and my gosh, it’s been a freaking good one.

I love birthdays… I get that it’s literally just another day, and there isn’t actually any difference in the day where I was 23, and the day where I am now 24. But… I chose to get excited over them and I chose to love them, just as I chose to do with most of life really.

There’s something about birthdays though – It’s a new cycle, and it’s a day to celebrate your existence! But mostly for me, it’s a day of reflection. I can remember just about every birthday for the past 5 years, and I can see so so so much growth by lining up and looking at each of those days – and I think that is so important, stepping out and looking at your progress, growth, set-backs, beautiful amazing human moments; from the outside in. Ahhh, what a beautiful fucking ride we are on.

23 was a hell of a year, and I am so grateful. I have grown so much as a person, let go of so many layers that were bogging me down, and opened my heart so much. I’d love to share some of the lessons I am choosing to take away from this trip round the sun, take from them what you’d like. ♡



I used to be so fearful of getting older, feeling like life was passing me by so quickly without me having any sort of say in it. I was scared of losing the fun, innocent, childlike Jordane and feeling as if I needed to be so much more serious, always working and doing all that… adult stuff (?).

The last year has shown me how beautiful the process of ageing is. It’s growth. It’s learning. It’s experiencing human. It’s experiencing this beautiful planet we are on. It’s shedding layers. It’s living. It’s coming home to yourself.

I’ve become more me than I ever thought was possible, and I have no doubt that as I grow older, wiser, and as I soak up in all that is life I will step by step become even more me.

Allow this beautiful life to ripen you. Don’t be afraid of getting older, chose to see the beauty and magic in it and it will show you exactly that – beauty and magic.



Expectations, guilt, hurt, ‘fitting in’ masks, others pain – it’s heavy. Really heavy.

I had no idea how much I was, and still am holding onto, and I have no doubt you don’t realise either.

I spent a lot of time with myself this past year, and had a lot come up. I used to run from just about every feeling until I realised how overwhelmingly exhausting this was. Now, I allow whatever needs to come up to come up. This way I can sit with it, understand it, learn from it, thank it even, and let it go. This is so much easier – and wow, is it freeing.

Allow your feelings – they are showing you what you are unnecessarily holding onto.



The things that I have manifested with my thoughts and feelings this past year amazes me.

The things I have been able to do and achieve this past year amazes me.

We are capable of so much more than we realise. We have wisdom, fire, love, guidance, the whole fucking Universe, inside of us. There is no limit to what we can achieve, where we can go and how beautiful our lives can be.

Believe it, step into your power and learn to work with it. You will be so amazed at yourself.




 If allow it – I can get really sucked into the rat race of the constant go, do, go, do. Never feeling like I have done enough, feeling like there is always more more more that I need to do. Becoming so serious about everything, so stressed out and bogged down; forgetting to stop, reflect and soak in all the beauty of life.

You are doing more than you realise. You don’t need to meet any ‘timeline’. You aren’t in competition with anyone else. You don’t need to prove yourself or impress anyone else. Take a step out of your life and take the time to marvel. Take the time to have fun. Take the time to lay in the grass, to feel, to be amazed by your loved ones. Take the time to see just how far you have already come and to see just how amazing you are.

Also take the time to see if what you are doing right now is really making you happy – if you are truly doing it for yourself.



Everything starts with the decision. Decide your life will be pure beauty and it will. Decide you will learn and grow and love beyond what you can currently comprehend, and you will.

I choose, often, to be amazed at life. I chose to be blown away at the beauty of life. I chose to get excited over the little things. I chose to be enough to achieve anything I want to achieve. I chose to see situations and hardships as lessons and space for growth. I chose to believe life is working for me.

Make the decision, you will truly love yourself for it.


Photos by Ambedo Photography

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  1. Hi Jordane. This is Lia. I follow you on insta, which is ‘dieselturi ‘ my insta name. I absolutely loved this article you wrote! It isSo Amazing and so true. Have to enjoy every little thing in life and be amazed because it is magical. I am so proud of you how grateful, mindful, and connect you are at such a young age! I am almost 50 years old and I just started realizing and doing what you do now. But they say it’s never too late to start anything. I am so glad and honored to meet you on instagram. I thank you for your beautiful work.

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