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A Culminating Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2023: Horoscopes and Ritual

A Culminating Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse May 2023 Horoscopes and Ritual Girl and Her Moon

May 6, 2023, brings us our second Eclipse of 2023 and represents the culmination of a 18 month chapter – a chapter of deep transformation, rebirth, transmutation, and evolution.

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Saturday May 6 – 5.33 am
  • Sydney: Saturday May 6 – 3.33 am
  • Tokyo: Saturday May 6 – 2.33 am
  • Singapore: Saturday May 6 – 1.33 am
  • New Delhi: Friday May 5 – 11.03 pm
  • Dubai: Friday May 5 – 9.33 pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Friday May 5 – 8.33 pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Friday May 5 – 7.33 pm
  • London: Friday May 5 – 6.33 pm
  • New York/Toronto: Friday May 5 – 1.33 pm
  • Los Angeles: Friday May 5 – 10.33 am


What does it mean to be alive as you? What does it mean to be fully human, to be fully you? What do you want for your time here in this world? What matters, truly matters, really matters?

When we strip back the noise, the structures, the belief systems, and the fears that were never ours and instead tune in within – what is your truth? What is your journey? What is your song?

What is your joy and your excitements? What is your love and your dance? What is your connection to this Life and the divinity from which we are One?

Our human experience is one that is intimate to our hearts, to the very core of our beings. It can’t be based on another’s. And it can’t be found anywhere but deep within.

Scorpio strips back. It goes underneath. It burns away what is not truth, decomposing what is old, expired, illusory. It exposes the real, the raw, the vulnerable – peeling back, and back, and back, until it arrives at the core of what matters, of what is true. It journeys us into the deepest pulse that lives within our hidden inner caves, transforming us with each step on the way and revealing all that cannot survive in the face of this realness – fear, shame, guilt, rejection. Scorpio hands us the pieces of ourselves we have disowned with the invitation to reach into acceptance – piece by piece reclaiming our Self.

Learn Astrology Girl and Her Moon

Eclipses exist in sequence and in chapters based on the movements of the Lunar Nodes. The South Node moved into Scorpio in January 2022 where it will remain until July of this year. This full Moon Lunar Eclipse, however, is the final we will meet in this transformative watery sign for the next 17 years. It is the culmination of this chapter which has been journey of deep transformation, rebirth, transmutation, and evolution with Scorpio.

Exposing and revealing, this lunation is here to bring closure to this chapter by bringing awareness to how we have been changing, what has been changing us, the invitations that have been present, and all that has come to the surface for absolute transformation over these last 18 months. And it does so because awareness itself is catalysing, it is the spark that initiates evolution. And this Eclipse is here for your evolution.

How have you changed throughout this time? How are you continuing to change? What is ready to be put down, left behind, released in finality? Who have you been meeting within yourself? What discomfort has been asking for your attention? What have you been avoiding? What has held power over you?

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This final release reveals that what is in the way is the way, and that our resistance is the very doorway forward. The emotions that present themselves under this lunation, the patterns that are exposed, the fears that cling tightly making their presence known, the things we hold onto tightly, and what we try so hard to control – it is here we are invited to sit, to sink into, to surrender within –  all so that we may inch closer to the truth of what it means to be fully you, fully alive, present with what is real and what matters, and dancing with Life.

Uranus, our planet of freedom, awakening, and change, makes its influence felt only adding to the necessity and readiness of change. It is a breaking free through emotional release.

What final release is waiting to take place, so that you may be free, all of yourself, fully rooted in the beauty of your humanness, empowered, in Love with Life, and singing your unique song?


Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual

Esoteric Acupuncture Heart Activation – Exclusive to the Flow with the Moon Membership

Guided by Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Intuitive Healer & Doctor of TCM, Melanie Milne.

Esoteric Acupuncture, founded by Dr Mikio Sankey, works with encoding patterns based on sacred geometry and acupuncture points within the energy body to unlock levels of consciousness.

In this activation with Dr Melanie Milne, we will be working with these patterns and points through the mind’s eye so that we may open awareness not only to our higher selves, but to higher consciousness as a whole.

Join us here for May’s Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Ritual and also get access to this months Taurus New Moon Ritual, and Live Astrology Masterclass on the houses.

By joining you will also receive instant access to over $10,000 of past workshops, classes and practices.

Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual Girl and Her Moon


Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

Watch your Lunar Eclipse tarot horoscope by Kapualani here!


Happy Lunar Eclipse,

Jordane x


Jordane is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, numerology and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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