What is an Opposition Aspect in Astrology?

What is an Opposition Aspect in Astrology? Girl and Her Moon

Astrology is a complex, layered, multi-faceted and insightful art and science. Not only do we have our own natal chart, which is a snapshot of the skies as the time of our birth, but we also track the movement in the skies and how that movement expresses itself from within our emotions, mind, body and so much more – and that movement never stops.

This movement includes the Sun moving into different zodiac signs, where in astrology we call seasons. It includes the Moon Phases where we meet new and full moons in different signs each month, and every phase in between.

This movement that we track is also made up of the transitions of planets through different zodiac. And taking that a step deeper, we can also track how each planet communicates, collaborates, and creates frequencies together by looking at the position they sit in relative to one another.

This is where we hear words like conjunction, opposition, sextile, trine and square. This is about what shapes the planets are making with one another and how this affects the expression of their intentions and energies.

Aspects are present in the movement of our cosmos (transits) and within our own natal chart.

What is an Opposition Aspect

As the name suggests, an opposition is where two planets are opposite one another, or 180° apart. When we see oppositions in astrology, we are generally being invited to find the balance in the opposites, and to find a sense of harmony within polarity.

As we journey through this invitation, we may find ourselves swinging from one side to the other, meeting these opposing aspects within ourselves, and sometimes these aspects can be a challenge. It’s a journey. It’s working it out. It’s learning about who we are and how we operate within these planetary tensions.

And like all astrological movements, the gift of them is in surrendering to whatever arises within you. When we do so, the lesson within oppositions is a greater integration of a unified singular concept, finding the common ground, and investigating how these two seemingly opposing forces perhaps can actually support and hold one another.

Each zodiac sign has its opposite, or pair, within astrology, too. These opposites bring up similar themes from different perspectives and expressions. Whenever we meet an opposition aspect, it always occurs within these pairings.

  • Aries – Libra
  • Taurus – Scorpio
  • Gemini – Sagittarius
  • Cancer – Capricorn
  • Leo – Aquarius
  • Virgo – Pisces

To read all about the integration of opposite zodiac signs: How Your Opposite Zodiac Sign Can Bring You Into Your Purpose

An example: Venus in Leo Opposite Saturn in Aquarius

An example of an opposition happening in our cosmos on August 28, is Venus in Leo opposing Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius.

Where Venus is connection and relationships, Saturn is boundaries. Where Leo is romance and heart energy, Aquarius is deeply independent and objective. Where Venus is moving forward on her path, Saturn is in retrograde asking us to stop walking forward for a moment and instead review and reflect on where we are, how we have gotten here, and any re-directions that are needed.

This energy and themes of this opposition are pointing towards our relationships and hold the potential to be a deeply clarifying chapter of our paths.

The invitation centres around getting clear on what brings us a sense of connection in our relationships – what allows us to feel connected and one with another, and fulfilled and whole on our own. We are being asked to lay down the boundaries of protecting our joy, our fulfillment, and our individuality. And we are being asked to solidify the foundations within ourselves that allow us the courage to express our love fully and allow the vulnerability within connection.

As this aspect can cause some friction in the peak of its energy, allow yourself the space you require and deserve, and the space that will allow you to observe. We’re both walking in and fully a part of this cosmic energy, and on the outside watching, observing, and learning more and more about ourselves with each emotion, thought, reaction, and moment of the journey.

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