Weekly Astrology November 20 – 26: Growth, Hope, and a New Chapter

Weekly Astrology November 20 - 26 Girl and Her Moon

This week is filled with gifts and growth, a sense of renewal, hope. It invites us to step out of the depths of the underworld into the joyful outside world around us.

A new Season begins as the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. The next day a new Moon in Sagittarius invites a new chapter in our lives while Jupiter emerges from its retrograde to move forward once again.

It is a spark reigniting after the depths of Eclipse Season. It is a glimmer of hope as we emerge from transformative waters and into joyful beginnings. Sagittarius is wisdom and freedom, exploration and inspiration. It is joy and passion, seeking and optimistic. It is a medicine for our hearts as we are invited to look towards our futures.


November 16: Venus in Sagittarius

Venus already sits in Sagittarius, as of last week on the 16th November.

Venus in astrology is a planet of love. She represents harmony, beauty, value, pleasure, and prosperity. A supportive energy on her own already, as she joins Sagittarius on the 16th, a certain magnetism fills the air – one of freedom, generosity, appreciation, vitality, and hope.

 Far away cultures can capture our hearts, adventures in new places feel like romance, and in the realm of love and relationships, the communion of these two astrological archetypes desires to spark new flames of passion in whichever way it can present itself in your life. A beautiful and aligned time in the cosmos to set any love filled intentions that you are ready to say yes to.


November 17: Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury, too, joined this adventurous sign last week.

Mercury represents everything pertaining to the mind. In astrology, we look to Mercury to give us greater insight into thought, communication, and learning.

 As this logical sign came into partnership with Sagittarius on the 17th, there is a less linear approach to the inner workings of our mind. We are guided to freely question, explore wisdom, and ponder on new possibilities and ideas. Sagittarius wants to bring growth wherever it may go, and as it reaches the mind, we can expect exactly that. The way in which we see, think about and process the world around us is ready to expand, to get wider, wiser, and filled with greater possibilities.


Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius ask us to fall in love with life again.

 It asks us to jump into the world around us, to explore and love, to witness beauty and possibility, to learn and to question, and to find deep comfort and appreciation within new ideas, truths, and cultures.

 We are invited to feed our minds in a way that allows our views of the world to expand beyond it has ever been. With new schools of thought, new cultures, different philosophies, and spiritual truths. With dreaming up future possibilities, learning from immersing ourselves in experience and adventure, and seeing new landscapes.

As Venus sits in this hopeful, optimistic, and what some may call, lucky, sign under the ruling of Jupiter, there can be a sense that life is on our sides. And if you feel that glimmer of hope, allow yourself to follow its thread until it gets brighter and brighter. Life is on your side, and this week invites you to dream big and hold faith.

 Much awaits you in this beautiful, vast world, and as we dip our toes into the fires of Sagittarius, we will be reminded of this in every direction we dare to wander.

As we step into the week ahead, this energy only becomes greater.


November 22: Sagittarius Season

Sagittarius Season is upon us bringing a sense of expansion, joy, adventure, spirituality and wisdom.

If you could picture the Sun at the centre of it all, our beautiful Earth by its side, and each planet placed perfectly between and around them both.

Beyond this, sits the constellations as somewhat of a backdrop of background stars. These constellations represent the zodiac signs, each one of them a unique expression and perspective of life itself.

As the Earth orbits around the Sun, from our perspective on Earth it appears as if the Sun is moving along a path through each of these constellations, spending approximately 30 days in each zodiac. This is what we call an astrological season!

On 22 November, the Sun moves from the watery depths of Scorpio and steps into the fiery realms of Sagittarius. While the Sun moved its way through Scorpio, life’s mysteries came into focus. It was a time of shining a light on our shadows in the name of transformation and healing. As we step into Sagittarius Season however, this begins to shift.

Sagittarius holds a fiery, adventurous, open, and optimistic essence to it and the Sun loves being here.

The Sun in astrology is known as the provider of energy and of life force. It is our vitality, expression, our spirit, and our core. And while it sits in Sagittarius, its intentions are strengthened. Our spirit takes on the energy of joy. Our vitality is fed by opportunity and experience. And our expression takes on a lens of faith, trust, and expansiveness.


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November 23: Sagittarius New Moon

The Moon is empty under a new Moon. The Sun and its light are overshadowing her and so to our eyes, she becomes invisible, dark, returning to her private inner worlds before she emerges once again.

This moment of emptiness invites us to choose who we will become next just as she does. It invites a deep breath to re-meet ourselves before stepping forward.

The Sun in astrology represents our wants while the Moon shines a light on our needs. As they come together in the same sign, so do our inner wants and needs. This new Moon gifts us an opportunity of stillness, wisdom, enough spaciousness to intentionally place our intentions into the ethers, and the hope to see them through to completion.

Held by the energy of Sagittarius, this new Moon holds the intention of renewal, hope, creation, intention, future potential and dreams, higher knowledge, wisdom, and self-development.

It represents a new door opening. One of adventure, joy, growth, and witnessing the depth and magic within each experience that we have.

Find the full Sagittarius New Moon blog here.


November 23: Jupiter Direct in Pisces

On the same day as this hopeful new Moon, Jupiter finishes its retrograde and begins to move in a forward motion once again, reignited with its path and filled with faith for the future.

In astrology Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. It holds that same sense of hope and joy, adventure, and thirst for life. Known as our planet of luck and expansion, it is our shining light in the cosmos reminding us that life is on our side.

Jupiter began its retrograde in July of this year with the intention of uncovering new inspirations, inviting a renewal of our sense of spirituality, and restructuring our perspective and beliefs of the larger, wider, and perhaps ungraspable nature of the Universe.

Retrogrades remind us that renewal isn’t a linear process. It is cyclic. It is backwards and forwards and up and down all at once. This retrograde was our opportunity to review before we renew, to question before arriving at certainty, to pause and look around so we can decide on the path that is next for us.

Now on its path forward once again, Jupiter turning direct in Pisces brings a renewed expansion and growth to our connection with spirituality, with hope, with imagination and overall abundance.


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~ Your weekly cosmic invitation

These three days in the cosmos bring quite a shift, and we are invited to open ourselves up once again so that we may experience this shift within us, too.

After the waves of change and transformation of Eclipse Season and then Scorpio Season begin to settle, we are gifted with the opportunity of renewed wisdom, potential, and faith in ourselves, the Universe around us, and in the future.

There is a sense of re-meeting ourselves in this new chapter of our lives. This week speaks so wonderfully to our futures, to believing that things can be beautiful for us, and to believing that luck is on our side and things will come together in a way that was better than we could have planned ourselves.

And so, invite yourself to lean into hope once again. Invite yourself to step out of the Scorpio Season cocoon and be amazed at the beauty and opportunity that surrounds you. Allow yourself to be surprised at your new desires for your life. Begin to place your wishes, dreams and biggest visions at the altar of life.

This week holds many gifts for whenever you are ready to open up and receive them.


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