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  1. I was actually startled by how clear and precise Noush’s reading was, right from the start. Issues I’ve been dealing with, experiences I’ve had, she found them right in my chart! For example, an aspect that occurred in 1993 and has returned for its second impact is directly tied to the beginning and end of my 30-yr. relationship – she didn’t know that from me! Several other astrological factors were brought up that have direct meaning to me, experiences such as Long-COVID’s devastating impact on me over the last couple of years. It was such a relief to get information I felt I could trust presented so clearly, putting things into context for me, encouraging me and planting hope for the year ahead. I would order readings from Noush again. This isn’t a detailed yearly chart listing daily/month-by-month aspects for the year, but I do feel it focused on the major transits for me to be aware of. Grateful for her skill and warmth in providing me with tools and a road map.

  2. Issa was so thorough and thoughtful. I could feel her energy as if she was in the room with me through the recording. Her words deeply resonated with me and put language to shifts I’ve been feeling. I really look forward to this year and going deeper.

  3. Dear Kapualani, I loved my reading and I could absolutely relate to the messages shared. I also loved how pragmatic some of the insights were. You are very gifted and I really honour your clarity and authenticity. This reading provides powerful guidance and gave me huge amounts of trust in my own intuition and life path. Thank you – with Love. Anne

  4. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful reading I received from Noush. The fact that it was a recorded reading, it actually blew my mind how accurate she was with the things that she knew about me. A very beautiful and intuitive reading. I cried the first time listening to it, and have listened to it a few more times since and I get goose bumps each time. It gave me some real insight to my soul purpose, and has given me a lot of food for thought with my career path. Thank you so much Noush for this wonderful blessing x

  5. My reading with Kapualani was so beautiful, inspiring and felt so spot on. I felt very connected and feel more confident and sure of myself with the direction of my life.

    Thank you, Kapualani. It was magical