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  1. Noush’s reading brought me a lot of comfort due to how much it resonated. I agree with other reviewers that she broke it down in a digestible way. A few of the things she said gave me a sense of peace around why I do certain things, feel called towards certain things and ease about the future. Very grateful that I decided to splurge on a reading for myself 🙂

  2. Dear Dilosh, thank you so much for your devotion in doing this work. Your reading was amazing and it revealed and helped me so much. Love and gratitude ***

  3. Dilosh’s energy is unreal.. She is like The Fairy Godmother who was sent from the heavens to spread love and wisdom.. That is how her energy was in my reading.. She covered every single doubt in my head on spirituality as she Channeled my Higher Self before the reading officially started.. She was able to pick up on the energy of my name and made me feel so special and seen.. I was so awe struck by her beautiful energy and love, I couldn’t stop watching the 1 hour 40 minute recording and knew I had to hear hear words again to embed them into my soul for the healing it offered.. Thank you Dilosh for your angelic energy 💓✨️🙏

  4. Noush was so amazing.. Her reading was so kind and thoughtful.. She was able to articulate with so much of love, depth and mindfulness.. I was not expecting such a soulful reading that answered all the questions I have really been seeking.. I finally feel seen because she saw in my chart what I have been seeing myself that no other astrologer has picked up so far..

    Thank you so much Noush.. I am so grateful and have so much of gratitude for your time and energy 🥹 🙏 ✨️

    I love your beautiful soul that radiated throughout the reading ♥️

  5. I really liked the soul purpose reading that I received from Noush. She has such calm and warm energy, which came through the recording and it felt like she was sitting next to me talking about my natal chart. I reached out for a reading in a moment that I was feeling quite lost and Noush helped me to reinforce some info that I already knew and to bring more clarity on other elements. Also adding some very interesting points about what I can expect in the coming year. In addition to that, I really liked that during the reading she didn’t rush through it, but she took the time to reflect and to explore different points. Thank you very much again Noush for your help – I look forward to the next reading! 🙂