Retrograde Season: 7 Planets in their Backwards Spin

Retrograde Season 7 Planets in their Backwards Spin Girl and Her Moon

As August comes to an end, we are swimming deep within retrograde season with seven planets in the cosmos in an apparent backwards motion. From the inner planets; Mercury and Venus, to celestial bodies that sit further away in our cosmos; Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – and Jupiter joining the line-up on September 4.

No matter the picture we humans paint of what life should look like, life continuously reminds us that our path is not linear. While many of us may celebrate, and feel most comfortable, with the straight, forward, clear, and direct seasons forward, have we forgotten the rest of the picture?

Retrograde Meaning in Astrology

As much as retrogrades can feel like a step backwards, they are a necessary and sacred part of our forward journey. They are the gift of reflection that allows for insight. The introspection that allows for self-awareness. The sacred pause needed for us to build the inner capacity for any leap forward. And the spaciousness required for the assimilation of steps already taken.

Retrogrades offer an opportunity for us to ‘catch up’ with who we have become, with the experiences we have moved through, and insights we have gained along the way. As if the changes and growth we have been experiencing now have an opportunity to seep deep into our bodies, integrate into our identities, and become available for us to live. We move through so much in this world and are changed by all of it.

This retrograde season, can you allow yourself to get to know yourself?

As the planets in our cosmos take a moment to retrace their steps, they journey us through our past actions, selves, experiences, desires, and expressions.

Retracing and re-living what is still awaiting our presence; the emotions that ask to be witnessed so they may be healed. The endings that never fully ended needing either a reviving or final closure. The old ideas that entered our consciousness before we were ready – are they aligned now, or do we release them completely? And the stories and perspectives that simply need an update, a reframe, a refresh that comes from looking at them with the new eyes we have gained since their moment in time.

Planets in Retrograde Right Now

In Ancient Astrology it was viewed that the planets in retrograde were journeying through the underworld, gathering insights, perspectives, nutrients, and information from the world unseen.

As with all astrology, this understanding is used as a metaphor to bring light to what happens within our inner worlds when a planet is in retrograde. Beyond the light of our awareness there are aspects of us, represented by these seven planets, that are journeying downward and backwards into our shadows that sit far beneath our surface waiting to be acknowledged, witnessed, claimed, loved, and re-integrated into our consciousness.

This is why we will hear many astrologers recommend that we don’t begin anything new during retrograde seasons or make any sudden changes or big decisions – because once we emerge from this descent, we do so with these parts of ourselves, and therefore, we emerge as more of who we are.

We emerge with greater clarity on our next season, the direction of our forward movement, the desires that are for us and a greater understanding of simply, who we are.


Retrogrades: Re-writing the Narrative

Not only is our journey within this human experience non-linear, within it lives many seasons and cycles.

Our directions shift. The speed at which we move seems to ebb and flow. The desires that call our name flow in and out and take different forms. We meet chapters of immense transformation and movement, chapters of sinking into a routine, a state of being, setting down roots and solidifying the moment, and chapters of excitement and adventure, outwardly journeying and exploring.

Just as the seasons shift as the Earth spins her glorious spin, we too, hold all the seasons within us. Our own living experience of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

And so, how do we continue with our forward movement, the direction that is so expected of us in today’s world when so much of us is instead invited to mimic these planets and go on our own retrograde journey? To retreat into their inner winter? To sink into stillness, reflection, and inward contemplation? What does this mean for us? Within us? Within the lives we live?

We begin the journey of honouring all of our seasons.

While the world around us continues to move forward, where possible we are invited to bring space into our days. Whether an extra few breaths before bed, a quiet contemplation with lunch, or a few minutes of quiet before we begin our day. We are invited to clear away to clear away the unnecessary, the noise of ‘extra’, and to create pockets of space where we can. Space for the inner journeying that is taking place within you to reach your consciousness. Space for emotion to move through your body and release itself where it can. Space for reflection, for there are new perspectives waiting to be seen. Space for you to surprise yourself as to who you now are and all the ways in which you have changed.

Venus finishes her retrograde on September 3, 2023, and Mercury will follow on 15 September, 2023. As these Mercury and Venus are what are referred to as ‘personal planets’, sitting closer to the Earth and shaping our day-to-day living, they are generally felt more within our individual experience. Despite the long line-up of ‘outer planets’ still in their backwards spin, as these two station direct, there will be a clear influx of fresh new energy and easeful forward movement within our days once again.

The invitation is, however, to continue to honour our seasons.

And to bring back a balance of appreciation and respect for the inward just as much as the outward, the reflection just as much as the forward-visioning, and the stillness just as much as the action.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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