Energy Healing


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DilosH is professionally trained in and utilises Quantum energy healing, Pranic healing, and Reiki in each session.
Dilosh will do things like cleaning and mending the aura, clearing blocks and cutting cords, and her focus will solely be on you. Depending upon the severity of your situation you can choose from 1 session, or 3 sessions. Frequent maintenance is always recommended for healthy and high frequency energy.
It is important to have an open heart during the day of your healing. You may or may not immediately notice the effects, but generally feelings of warmth, expansion, pulsing, tingling, deep relaxation, heightened awareness and an increase in physical and mental energy arise. Some may feel old emotions coming to the surface to be released.
Each session is completely unique depending on your individual energy and what it needs – you can trust that whatever your soul is in need of, it will receive.
Following your healing session, you can expect a feeling of physical, mental and emotional health and expansion. If you have physical pain or chronic health issues, you should feel this subsiding within a few days! What comes out of this healing depends on what individually needed healing.


How it goes:
Together we select a day/time for your healing to occur – preferably when you are in a space and time where you can be relaxed, or even asleep.
Dilosh will focus on your energy through a photo (that we will ask you to provide) and she will basically, enter into your energy field and clear, cut, mend, expand and more.
Within a day or two afterwards she will send you an overview of what she did, felt, experienced, and how she can expect this to feel for you moving forward.


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