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This love infused reading holds the insights to each upcoming relevant transit of 2022, and how it will work with your unique chart.

With incredible cosmic transits such as Eclipses and Retrogrades, and powerful placements like the movement of Jupiter, 2022 is filled with cosmic movement.

This reading is here for you to enter this beautiful year ahead with trust, with strength, clarity and excitement for all that is to come.

This 30 minute reading dives deep into your 2022, if there is an area you would like to focus on most in your life, please leave that in your notes. ♡

Wherever you are in your life, we are here to remind you that Life is on your side. The cosmos is here to support you.

2022 is cheering for you to reach your highest potential and create the life of your dreams.


Method: Recorded audio

Duration: 30 minutes

Delivery: Up to 10 days

During a big sale period or holiday delivery timeframe can take up to 14 days.

* Please note live (FaceTime/Skype/Phone) readings are not available at this time. No booking is necessary*

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon’s Astrologer, intuitive, and creative, Noush.

During your reading Noush will use a combination of Astrology training and intuitive skills to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.

Noush Girl and Her Moon


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