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The Nervous System, Lived Spirituality, Trauma & Emotional Mastery with Marissa Jane

Season 1
Episode 7
July 8, 2022
The Nervous System, Lived Spirituality, Trauma & Emotional Mastery Girl and Her Moon the Podcast

Throughout this episode, Marissa and Jordane explore what the nervous system is, ways to anchor safety and excitement into the body, creating healthy boundaries, and so much more!

Marissa guides us through practices to connect with the messages of our body, trusting our intuitive guidance and way to understand what is coming from a fear-based instinct, or a heart-based intuition.

This episode is packed, truly, with so much valuable insight as we explore how the Nervous system plays a role in lived spirituality.

Marissa is an integrative coach, working with a holistic approach to the human experience looking at things like mindset, subconscious behaviours and patterning, nervous system healing, trauma, intuition, emotional mastery and more. Connect with her below.

WEBSITE: https://integrativecoach.com.au/
IG: @marissajane.integrativecoach



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