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Life as a Mirror & Reality our Greatest Teacher with Jordane Maree

Season 1
Episode 16
November 4, 2022
Life as a Mirror & Reality our Greatest Teacher with Jordane Girl and Her Moon the Podcast

Life is our greatest teacher. Life is our initiation after initiation. And the deeper we engage with what reality presents us, the deeper we naturally move into and through great healing.

Our experience, our reality, is filled with mirrors, both subtle and obvious. I don’t think we need to go looking for ways to grow, or searching for new things to heal. Rather I believe that it is in our greater and deeper engagement with reality that we are presented with our own doorways into healing.

It’s in our unique dance with life that we are lovingly taken by the hand and into our inner caves to be with, to bring to love to, to have compassion for, to face, to accept, and to transform what is ours to transform.


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