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Human Design, Collective Shifts & Energy Types with Amy Lea

Season 1
Episode 9
August 5, 2022
Human Design, Collective Shifts & Energy Types Girl and Her moon The Podcast

Throughout this episode, Amy and Jordane explore all things Human Design in an introductory and foundational way.

From energy types to collective shifts, aura types, energy centres and how astrology interacts with HD.

Amy is an astrologer, human design guide, energy practitioner and business mentor. She combines her knowledge and training in human design, astrology and energy science with her 10+ years of experience working in traditional business to help business owners, creatives and CEOs remember who they are, connect with their purpose and unique gifts, and create a life that is aligned and enriching.

WEBSITE: https://www.amylea.com.au/
IG: @amylea.co

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