Palm Reading Guide: Astro-Palmistry and what it can reveal about you

Palm Reading Guide Astro Palmistry and what it can reveal about you Girl and Her Moon

What is Palm Reading and Astro-palmistry?

Astro-palmistry is one of the oldest known forms of divination.

It’s based on the perspective that we are deeply connected and intertwined with the Cosmos and Universe around us, to the point where our bodies (in this case, our palms) are marked with that connection.

Essentially, our palms hold wisdom and energy of the entire Universe.

We see astro-palmistry as a tool to better understand your inner make up, your gifts, and your path for this lifetime. With a deeper understanding of ourselves and our energy, comes a greater ability to flow with our path.

Palm Reading is a beautiful way to gain a deeper understanding of your unique energy.

Palm Reading, along with the many other methods such as astrology or numerology, is your Soul leaving clues as to who you are in this lifetime, your connection with the Cosmos and Universe around us, how to understand and work with your unique energy and how to live in your life purpose.

Having this deeper understanding of yourself allows you to flow with your own energy and the energy of the Universe, allowing you create the life of your dreams.

For example, if you have a Water hand and you have been taught you were ‘too sensitive’ throughout your life; understanding astro-palmistry and your primary energies will allow you to take back your power of deep emotion and sensitivity and put your gifts towards deepening your intuition, healing yourself and others, making art etc.

Anyone can read their palms, or even their friends palms – you just need to put in some time and effort to learn about the different lines, patterns, shapes etc.

If you want to really dive in deep into someone’s energy based on their palms, it will take practice as well as a strong reliance and development of your intuition.

We all intuitively know much more than we realise!


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Palm Hand Types & Astrological Elements

There are distinct differences in each type of hand, however we all possess a combination of all types/energies.

Just as our astrological charts hold a combination of all the energies, as do our palms. We are multi-faceted beings, and this shows up in our hands.

An easy trick to determine your most prominent energy is to measure your middle finger in
comparison to your palm.

If your finger is smaller, you are likely a Fire or Earth. If your middle finger is longer it could suggest Air, and if it is the same, it may be pointing towards Water.

Looking at what these four elements are and how they operate in our lives gives us a general idea on how they manifest through us as people.

Surprisingly, your hand sign doesn’t always represent your Sun sign, it can run much deeper than that and be incredibly eye opening if you only know your Sun sign.

For instance, you could be a watery Cancer, yet your palm shows the energy of Air. This could relate to your Moon sign, your Rising sign or even to your primary/most common element in your astrological chart.

If your palm shows a different element to your Sun sign, it may be time to start digging into your astrological chart!


Palm Reading: Fire Hand Type

You can spot a fire hand by their shorter fingers in comparison to their long palm. Often fire hands also have deep lines running throughout them.

Just like fire itself, those with fire energy capture your attention with their passion and power. They are bold, expressive, active, independent and highly ambitious. They are the type that can make things happen! You can feel the passion and enthusiasm when you are around these creative individuals and you will be amazed at their constant stream of new ideas.


Palm Reading: Water Hand Type

Water hands are quite graceful looking. They have long palms with long and slender fingers. Water hands generally have very soft and flowy lines.

Whenever we look at the energy of water, we see a lot of depth, vulnerability, sensitivity, and intuition. These individuals are empathic, creative, poetic dreamy and often quite Spiritual due to their deep connection to the Universe.

When you think about the Moons connection with our oceans, you can understand the deep connection those primarily with water energy have with the Cosmos.


Palm Reading: Air Hand Type

Air hands can be identified by their long fingers with a square palm. Lines are often faint and soft.

Having primarily Air energy speaks to the power of one’s mind. These people are observant, intelligent, curious and often talkative. There’s a general consensus that those of us operating primarily from the energy of Air are the intellectuals amongst us!

Just like air, these individuals need to be free to circle the Universe. They are free-spirited, striving to live life on their own, quite often changing, terms.


Palm Reading: Earth Hand Type

Earth hands are usually the easiest to spot out. They have square palms and short fingers. Like Fire, Earth hands generally have deeper looking lines.

The Earth energy represents all that is earthly, it represents our physical necessities of life.

Those with Earth hands are often very grounded, secure, hard-working, and dedicated. They are the practical ones amongst us, thriving within organisation and routine, and the reliable friend that you can call at any hour of the night!



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Palm Reading Lines

You could go on forever looking at the many shapes, lines, patterns, etc when looking into palmistry!

However, to get started, take a look at the shape, colour, subtlety and flexibility. These three things give you the overall energy of the person and again, it’s all in a very common-sense way.

Aside from the shape which we have already spoken about, a light coloured, dry and pale palm shows a calm, down to earth person whereas a red and/or sweaty palm shows temper and action.

The level of subtlety on a palm shows the level of subtlety of that person, and the same with the flexibility.

Moving on from a general read you dive into the major lines of astro-palmistry:


Life Line

Your Life line begins between the index finger and the thumb, and continues down towards the base of the thumb. This is your life path, and any other line that runs through or near gives you an indication of what will show up in your life. If you have a double life line, so two lines alongside each other, you have what is called the Guardian Angel line, and have immense luck throughout life!


Head Line

The head line, also known as the wisdom line, represents all things mental and intellectual. It shows your psychological makeup and begins just above the life line, between the thumb and the index finger, and runs across the palm horizontally.

If your head line begins directly off your life line, this shows a very intuitive way of living and acting, and a strong will.


Heart line

The heart line gives us an indication of how you deal with all matters of the heart.

It sits above both the Life and Head line. It begins either under your index or middle finger and moves towards your pinky finger.

The stronger and deeper your line, the stronger and deeper your devotions to whatever your heart desires.

In terms of your love life, a heart line that starts under the index finger shows a healthy and content relationship with giving and receiving love.


Whilst looking at your major lines:

If there are breaks in your lines, these show times in your life that you were side-tracked or ‘off course’.

If there are Islands (little circles) on your lines, this shows stress in these areas; e.g. an island on your heart line may show a desire not met, heart break or even physical heart problems.

Chains along the lines show continuous stress in that area, e.g. chains along the head line may show someone that primarily lives in their mind and deals with a lot of ‘inner noise’.

If you have double major lines (two lines) this shows a higher protection on the journey of that line. Someone is watching out for you!

Aside from the major palmistry lines, we love to look in a few more places:

Fate Line

The fate line, or as we like to call it our souls purpose line, is the vertical line that goes straight down the middle(ish) of your palm.

If your fate line goes directly to Saturn/your middle finger, this shows that you are learning your lessons for this lifetime and completing your soul’s purpose. If there is a break within your fate line this can show times in your life where you may have felt side-tracked or ‘off purpose’.

Apollo Line

Also known as the Sun Line, the Apollo line starts anywhere near the base of the wrist and finds its way to the Mount of Apollo/underneath the ring finger.

Not everyone has this line, but if you do, it can indicate great success throughout one’s life!

Thumb openness

The openness of your thumb shows your ability to give and receive. The more open, the more able to give and receive!

Psychic Markings

If you find three or more lines underneath your pinky on your Mount of Jupiter, this shows an innate ability to heal, along with deep psychic abilities.


An arc-shaped line starting on your Mount of Jupiter/pink moving towards your hill of the Moon/bottom left hand corner of your palm, shows a heightened intuition. If you have this line you likely have an ability to foresee things even on a subliminal level.

If you are one of these people, pay attention to your dreams!


If you find vertical lines connecting your head and heart line, this shows a deepened psychic strength and access to psychic abilities.


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