Novembers Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Insights, Horoscopes & Ritual 🦋

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Ritual Horoscopes November 2022 Girl and Her Moon

Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Times & Dates

  • Wellington: Wednesday November 9 – 12.01 am
  • Sydney: Wednesday November 8 – 10.01 pm
  • Tokyo: Wednesday November 8 – 8.01 pm
  • Singapore: Wednesday November 8 – 7.01 pm
  • New Delhi: Wednesday November 8 – 4.31 pm
  • Dubai: Wednesday November 8 – 3.01 pm
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Wednesday November 8 – 2.01 pm
  • Paris/Berlin: Wednesday November 8 – 12.01 pm
  • London: Wednesday November 8 – 11.01pm
  • New York/Toronto: Wednesday November 8 – 6.01pm
  • Los Angeles: Wednesday November 8 – 3.01pm


Key themes:

Purpose, shedding, renewal, finalisation, structure, resource

Taurus element:


Ruling planet:


Eclipses in Astrology are major astrological events.

They speak to fated change, destiny, and a major realignment of our lives. Often, we find major life changes during Eclipse Seasons, which meet us twice a year.

There is a sense of Life, God, fate – whatever you may feel beside you – coming in and clearing out what was never in alignment with our greatest potential and opening new doors to what are some of our most joyful chapters and fulfilling experiences.

It is during Eclipse Season that we are reminded, with such presence, that there is something greater than ourselves looking out for us. There is some divine intelligence bridging together and organising synchronicities and opportunities on a level that perhaps, we may never fully grasp.

And if you are someone who is in the midst of great change and upheaval in your life, keep this knowing close: it will make perfect sense one day.

Novembers Lunar Eclipse is the integration of the shifting, shedding, and emerging that has been brewing within us since October Solar Eclipse (or earlier, for many of us), whilst simultaneously leaning into fated change within our emotional bodies, our sense of worth, relationships, the structures in our lives, pleasure, finances, and divinity embodied here in the physical.



Meeting us on 8 November is a Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses can be thought of as full Moons with the volume turned way up. They hold the essence of finalisations, closing of chapters, release, shedding, and an overall feeling of leaving something behind.

While the Moon sits in Taurus, she sits next to the North Node.

The North Node in Astrology can be seen as our purpose. It is the path we have chosen to take. The energy continuously calling us forward throughout our lives. And it is the journey that feels the most fulfilling, nourishing, and just right for us. The North Nodes brings to our senses the knowing that we here for so much more depth, experience, joy, and fulfilment. That there is so much on offer for us. That our Soul devoted this lifetime to great magic.

While the structures around us may be uprooting and transforming throughout Eclipse Season, lean into cultivating safety from within.

Taurus comes in to anchor us deeper into our sense of inner worth and value, stability, and safety, and so we may witness experiences in our lives where we have no choice but to rely on that inner worth. Where we are presented with a turning point to make decisions only from a place of knowing our value. Where we may have to become our own safe home. Where we can become the parent to our inner child, both the receiving and becoming the source of stability. Where we may have to say goodbye to anything that doesn’t match up to this way of being.

While we have a Full Moon in conjunction with the North Node, the greatest healing, gifts, and overall growth can be found in leaning into the higher potentials of that sign that they both reside in and by doing that, the old can begin to fall away.

As we immerse ourselves deep into the higher octaves of Taurus, we are guided to see the beauty, the gifts, the sparkle, and magic in our physical senses, in the Earth around us, and in what we have regarded as mundane. We are invited to build, from the ground up, our own sense of inner safety and stability, coming from a place of true worthiness and belonging.


Soul Astrology Readings Girl and Her Moon


While there is great transformation occurring, while we have been walking through the underbelly of deep healing, shedding, and change, as the North Node sits in Taurus it comes with an invitation.

To let the beauty of life support us through this time of transition. To let the foundational healing of the Earth hold us and remind us that we are supported. To let our bodies become our homes even deeper than ever before and remind us that we belong. To come home to the humanness of our experience and root ourselves into that very humanness.

This Moon reminds us that our divinity is embedded deep within our humanness. And that perhaps it is not in searching for something outside of ourselves that will bring us into deeper communion with Life, rather it is in sinking into our everyday experience. The joy of walking on the Earth. The blessing of our senses, the gift of being able to see our physical world, touch our physical world, hear, smell, and taste it.

Perhaps it is in deepening into those five senses that the sixth finds us. And in seeing the gift in the mundane that the magical appears. Maybe, it is in saying yes to this human experience that a sense of greater purpose finds us, just as the North Node desires.

As the aura of Eclipse Season busyness falls away in the coming weeks, we are gifted with a new sense of focus – where we desire to put our attention, where we desire to put our energy, what we desire to build, who we desire to be.

Bringing together the North Node of purpose, future, and potential, with a full Moon of release, endings, and shedding, we have a moment in time that exists for each of us to release the old and step into the new, or perhaps more accurately, step into who we were always meant to be.

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Taurus full Moon Circle October 2022 Girl and her Moon


Taurus Lunar Eclipse Ritual 

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Live Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Circle & Workshop

In this workshop, we will be exploring the greater energy, insights, and invitations of this Lunar Eclipse and overall Eclipse Season. With ritual work, group meditation and space for sharing.

This workshop and circle is created to be a place of support, nourishment, empowerment and inspiration.

6 November: 7PM EDT for 1-1.5 hours.

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Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Horoscopes

Below is an approximation of where the eclipses are happening in your chart. Check your natal chart and transits to confirm the exact house placement for you. Horoscopes written by Issa, GAHM Astrologer.

Written originally for Your Guide to Eclipse Season October – November 2022 + Horoscopes



Owning your identity means living your values, living in your body, and maintaining a contained focus on loving yourself regardless of whether others praise or approve of you. What is keeping you from feeling like you are enough just as you are, capable of providing for yourself? Unwind that mystery so you can finally stand on your own two feet. As you feel more whole you will be able to shift your relationship dynamics out of neediness and into one of choice — what true romance is all about!

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It’s not selfish to be self-focused! To “know thyself” is why we are here so use this time to get to know who you are now. Learn to trust your instincts and allow more spontaneity in your life spurred by trusting your gut feelings. It’s ok to take action even when we don’t know that things will turn out how we want them to. This is about cultivating trust in yourself to be able to handle any outcome. As you step deeper into inner stability you will break free of relationship dynamics that have been keeping you playing safe.

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Find stability in surrender. Divine will guides you into a place of service, selflessness, compassion, and forgiveness. This period brings you out of your egoic drives and shows you how to flow with the Universe merging ‘thy will with my will’. Your daily routines and focus on personal development may be disrupted so you can tune into what’s bigger than “the self” in the Cosmic plan. Use this time to be in service behind the scenes as a way to share your selfhood with the world.

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Global causes protecting Gaia are calling to you now. Bring your loving energy to social causes that speak to your heart. This is a time of revolution that beckons you to leave behind your self-oriented nature and asks you to reach the world with your nurturing care. Global consciousness, politics, and the internet are tools at your disposal to raise awareness with your star power.

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We all have to break out of the cocoon at some point, and your time has come! This period teaches you how to take radical responsibility for your ambitions and drives so you can have the impact on the world that you’ve long dreamed of creating. Break free from your past familial conditioning and take charge of your life. You can make major headway by showing up in the world with deeper maturity and gaining the responsibility that you’re now ready to hold.

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As you branch out into new cultures and foreign experiences you are able to access language for your own values that you didn’t previously have the words to express. Connections start sparking and you understand your own experience and those of others in a new way that stabilizes you. Let go of old friendships and ways of doing business that is no longer value-aligned with this new you.

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What once held value or how you defined your own value is now changing. As you let go of unnecessary possessions and emotional baggage you make space to question the necessary probing into your own psyche. Where does your value come from? What inner resources can be found within you to offer you stability? As you learn more about your own motivations, talents, and inner power you realize that merging those gifts with another can offer a stable, soul union to amplify your life. Let value-aligned love enter your world.

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Too much self-focus creates a small world. It may have felt like your very survival depended on you taking care of yourself but the time has come to let other people into your life. Expand your horizons by putting yourself in another’s shoes. As you cultivate empathy for the human condition, cooperation, compromise, and generous listening softening the walls around your heart. As you become present with another a bright relationship may come in to guide you on your path.

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You’ve been on the outskirts of society opting out of the material world for the imaginal realms. What has filled your fantasies, meditations, or dreams while you were out there? Through diligent daily action you can use this period to to bring those dreams out of the sky and land them on earth so you can bring their medicine to the people. Not only will this bring healing to the collective but it will offer you a refuge here on the earth plane.

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The hive mind can keep us in service to a mission that isn’t our own. You are not just a social function— you are a human being with a heartbeat and feelings. Use this time to clarify what is yours and what is someone else’s so you can cultivate your authentic self. Radiate your creative solar energy and get to work on what you’ve always dreamed of offering. Take up space honoring the wisdom of your personal experience through making art, working with children, or adding more playfulness into how you approach your expression.

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During this period our work can distract you from the duties of your home life. Your family needs you now. This is a time to deal with your past, your roots, your lineage, and all that anchors you to the earth. Take time to honor your heritage bring extra love into weaving it into a beautiful and peaceful home that revitalizes you and the ones you love. Let go of your need for status and prestige to come from your work and ground into the love of those who are there for you no matter what.

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Your belief systems anchor you, keeping you feeling safe but at some point what once was a supportive thought is now one of entrapment. Question when these ideas first came into your life and how they got there. Do they still hold true or are they actually someone else’s? Or maybe they’re part of an old you that is holding you back from soaring to new heights? The ideas that are worth keeping will expand you and those you bring them to through networking, co-creating workshops, and sharing what you’ve learned along the way. Allow yourself to die so you can be reborn.

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