It was the first day of a new month and I sat down to do some journaling. “What is your goal this month”

hmm… I have plenty of goals; things I want to create, health goals, business goals, financial goals and more. But none of them felt right. I don’t want to focus solely on an outside goal right now. I didn’t want to focus solely on achieving that thing.

I want more joy. I want more magic. I want more love. I want to feel more in touch with myself and I want to bring these momentary flashes of magic, love, joy, fullness and connection into my whole day, every day.


I want to live from my heart. This is what my August will be about.


I also know that this intention that I have; this way of living where I am focusing on feeling more and more into my inner life – it will spill over massively, and those things I want to create, achieve and do will happen a whole lot sooner than if my sole focus was on them.

And I think our goals are generally driven by this longing for more within ourselves, right? So, what if we focus on connecting with ‘the more’ that is within us already and have this beautiful life that we are longing for right now – and then let the outside stuff flow to us naturally, because… that’s how life works – Law Of Attraction!

Here are some things that I am intentionally placing my energy towards for my heart-filled August.



It was only about a year ago that I brought a Morning Gratitude ritual into my life – and it completely changed my life. And lately I have been trying to make it a habit out of continuing that morning ritual throughout as many moments as I can in my day.

Instead of having a list in the morning and/or night for what I am grateful for in that moment (which I will also still do) and leaving it at that, I’m trying to bring it more and more into each moment of my day. In whatever I am doing throughout the day I am working on making a point to be grateful for it.

If you are getting a coffee and love the interior design of the café (me so often), make a point to be grateful for and amazed by it. If you go for a walk, make a point to truly look at the trees and flowers around you, see the magic they hold and allow gratitude to wash over you. If you’re picking up laundry, be grateful that you are able to delegate something you don’t want to do. You see a puppy – well that’s an easy one.

It could be anything. In whatever you are doing, wherever you are, and in any moment, you can bring upon feelings of gratitude. Set an intention each morning to see the magic in the little things and let yourself be taken over by gratitude at them.




I have what I call ‘Soul Time’ most mornings, where I meditate, journal, oracle/tarot cards, and whatever else my soul is calling for. Lately I have been intentionally and specifically connecting with my Higher Self.

Even saying this out loud (or typing it) it sounds so abstract, difficult and like how-the-hell. But all I do is ask myself who I truly am at a soul level and sit with that question for a moment. Who I am beyond Jordane Maree. The soul that I am, that is part of, and interconnected with The Universe, with God, with Gaia. The soul that has been carried by many different bodies and identities in many different lives – that part of me.

Usually, a feeling of love washes over me – more than I have ever felt before. A feeling of calm, wholeness, connection, silence, gratitude, wonder, pride, and so much more goodness – and in that moment, I know this is  who/what I truly am. These feelings fill my entire being and the more and more I learn to tap into this goodness; the more it spills over into the rest of my day, the more I am in tune, guided and whole I feel.

Whatever way you connect with your Higher Self, with your Soul, with your Heart, Intuition, God, The Universe – do it more, and more, and more every single day. Strengthen your connection and learn to bring the feelings into the little moments throughout the day. Let them guide you, let them fill your life with goodness.

Also know that these feelings of beauty that shine through in these moments are you at your essence. These feelings are not something separate to you, it is the true you, the stripped away you.

To dive into this subject on a deep, profound level – we have just the place to start. With our Soul Purpose reading we will be accessing your souls intuitive knowing and translating it into clear and tangible guidance; allowing you to step forward and into flow with your unique, magical path for this lifetime. We will look deeply into your who you are at a soul level, your souls purpose in this lifetime, gather advice and guidance for soul development and progression, look at where you are and where you are not currently in alignment with your true calling, and bring to attention what resources are available to you right now to flourish.

We are all born with a deep yearning in this lifetime, a passion, an inner spark, a calling – which to me, is your soul leaving clues as to why you are here in this life. If you want to truly step up and into your full potential, this is the place to start. 



I saw this meme recently about a little boy in Supermarket saying that he wants to take his brain out of his head just for a break, and some silence. I don’t think I can relate to anything more than that over the last month.

I’m tired of thinking. I’m tired of trying to over-analyse, label and understand everything. My brain doesn’t possess half as much as the wisdom I hold within me at a soul level, yet it is the one trying to take charge?! It makes me laugh at how much we try to analyse and control with our beautiful, very smart, yet maybe, err, less equipped brains. We all possess so much wisdom inside of us that if we learned to tune down the loud thinking we could reach – and better yet, if we learned to use our internal wisdom as a guide and then intentionally direct our thought to our advantage – even better.

When I catch myself in a spiral of thought I tune into that wisdom; to that place of quiet, calm, love, everything-is-always-OK place within me – my Higher Self, my Soul, whatever that place within you is labelled, and not only does it bring the insistent chatter to a close, I can even laugh at my human self trying to comprehend and control more than it is designed to do so, and feel peace wash over me.

If this is new to you; meditate, sit in silence, find guided meditations to connect you with your soul, do journaling prompts that connect you with your soul and continue to connect every day. It will bring so much peace to your life and your mind.



Look at your goals, why do you want them? By breaking them down to the why, we can then filter it down to the feeling you are after – the essence of what you are seeking and intentionally bring that feeling more and more into our lives.

An easy example – I want money in my life because I want to feel free, so I can travel the world without my choices being dictated by money, so I can get multiple massages a week with no guilt (my fave), so I can give the worlds best gifts to my loved ones, so I can help lift financial stress and burden from those around me, so I can make life that little bit easier for myself, for my family and for anyone I cross paths with. I want more money so I don’t feel pressure when I create, so I can be purely in expression mode and have more fun with this beautiful business of mine.

So, freedom to travel, freedom to spend, freedom to give, freedom to create. Freedom is what my heart truly wants and what my soul is seeking – and that part of me knows that I can feel free right now, before any extra money comes. All I need to do is allow myself to feel into the freedom that I know is within me.

After you have stripped your goals down to their true essence – sit in that feeling, whatever feeling you find you are truly craving underneath it all. Visualise and feel that life of freedom, that life of love, that life of joy, whatever it may be. Sit in that feeling every morning and whenever you have a moment throughout the day. Not only will this have you living from the heart, feeling more fulfilled and whole, but it will also bring the very thing you want  – because, vibrational alignment!



I think, mostly, it comes down to the moments. Choosing in each moment to be grateful, to see the magic that is so clearly surrounding us, to connect with our true essence and to feel what we actually want to feel.

Yeah, that’s what I want for this beautiful new month. I’m excited.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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