Zofiia Rose

Creative, Intuitive Channel & Mentor

If I only had to do and be one thing in this world, I would very quickly become unhappy.

I LOVE expressing myself and being a channel for well-being in others, via different worlds. Or we can also call it elements.  Because if I can’t have my creative elements, such as website design, my designs, paintings, etc. then you would meet a person who is slowly withering.

If I can’t have those deep and intimate conversations and sessions, it’s like I can’t breathe. If I don’t use my huge life and work experience and all my skills in concept and business development, well then I feel empty. If I can’t use my intuitive gifts through my sessions, card readings and channelings, then it’s like something of me is missing.

So yes, with me you can and must mix worlds and have several elements in your life. For you who may be sitting and feeling wrong right now because you are not just one thing, or only sell one thing.

When I make websites, I use all my gifts in a wonderful mix. When I have mentor sessions I also use my access to several worlds and levels within me.

I AM all my worlds, and they are expressed through me, and help you right where you are. And that’s why I’m here. To help you. Help others. Do good for others.

Healings / Workshops

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Zofiia Rose