Patti Higgins Girl and Her Moon

Patti Higgins

Intuitive Energy Master, Vocal Alchemist & Soul Mentor

Patti Higgins is an Intuitive Energy Master, Vocal Alchemist and Soul Mentor.

A mum to two beautiful girls and wife to her greatest teammate, Patti’s work is found in mastery mentoring and alignment for those leading with soul looking to evolve and show up in their full radiance.

By connecting with the unseen field of the energy body, the mental, emotional, and the nervous system, Patti holds the space for immense transformation and realignment so that we may walk through this lifetime with a certain smoothness, clarity, joy, happiness and absolute radiance.

Healings / Workshops

Harmony Energy Process Girl and Her Moon

Harmony: An Energetic Process

Patti Higgins

September Equinox Gateway Session Girl and Her Moon

Live Equinox Gateway Session: Balance

Patti Higgins

Live Solstice Ceremony Basking in Creation Girl and Her Moon

Solstice Ceremony: Basking in Creation

Patti Higgins

The Opening Girl and Her Moon

The Opening

Patti Higgins

Alignment & Activation

Alignment and Activation

Patti Higgins