Natalie Olson Girl and Her Moon

Natalie Olson

Numerologist & Spiritual Coach

Hey you!

My name is Natalie Olson and I’m your Numerologist & Spiritual coach.

I help heart-centered thought-leaders just like you decode their numbers, or their spiritual DNA, to receive clarity on who you are, what makes you tick and what is missing.

I help you use your numbers (and the power of the zero!) to uncover your deeper mission, embody your strengths and co-create this next beautiful thing on your heart.

No more hiding-in-plain-sight. No more diminishing yourself and what you want. Your numbers can reveal exactly why you cannot make this yearning, this itch, this pull… go away.

This desire? It’s divine and encoded within you.

Healings / Workshops

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Natalie Olson

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Natalie Olson