Melissa Sandon Girl and Her Moon

Melissa Sandon

Energy & Soul Practitioner

Hi, I’m Melissa Sandon.

I’ve been enchanted by the energy & soul arts since teenage-hood – but also had a deep passion to protect the Earth & became an environmental engineer. Which led to working for the Red Cross in disaster areas & designing community programs for sustainability.

But then my soul called & asked me to follow my own soul work & create a thriving business as a feminised, purposeful leader. Which naturally inspired me to guide other leaders to create their own radiant & thriving mission with their gifts.

I truly believe that’s how we create the future of the living planet.

I am honoured to share this life-changing journey & co-create magic with you as a sacred soul partner.

Healings / Workshops

Embodied Alchemy Girl and Her Moon

Embodied Alchemy Workshop

Melissa Sandon