Dominique Oyston Girl and Her Moon

Dominique Oyston

Soul-Voice Coach

Dominique Oyston, founder and owner of the Goddess Voice Academy, is an International Opera Singer and Visionary Soul-Voice Coach for feminine empowerment. She is a Divine Feminine ambassador, and best selling author.

I support purpose driven women to move from fear into power and find the goddess in their voice and story. I stand as a thought leader on the edge of the evolution of the Sacred Feminine re-awakening.

Our voices are needed. Women are seeking to embody their voices, they are seeking to be free and unique.

My work is at the forefront of supporting the emerging voice of the Feminine in the deepest way possible.

Healings / Workshops

Sekhmet Healing Girl and Her Moon

The Voice, Expression & Truth with the Goddess Sekhmet

Dominique Oyston