Angelika Shelley

Angelika Shelley

Light expander, Creatress, and Earth Medicine Ally

Angelika is a lifelong learner, light expander, creatress, and earth medicine ally.

Deeply fascinated by the world, both seen and unseen, she embraces the fullness of human BEing with gratitude and reverence. After transitioning from her career as a schoolteacher to that of a soul-centered entrepreneur in 2021, Angelika now draws from her personal healing journey and life experiences to create various offerings of support and exploration.

Through ritual, embodiment, and authentic expression, she strives to serve others by helping them to spark more light and harmony within.

Healings / Workshops

From the Sea to Me Girl and Her Moon

From the Sea, To Me: A Journey in Receptivity, Flow and Alignment

Angelika Shelley