Aquarius New Moon February 2024: The Conduit of Change

A New Moon is where all potentials exist. It is the frequency that imbues all form. The energetic that exists before the physical can. It is where we can plant new seeds of ideas and desires into the ethers, and as the Moon begins to take form once again and grow in presence and size, as do those seeds.

Aquarius New Moon Dates

  • Wellington: Saturday 10 February, 11.58am
  • Sydney: Saturday 10 February, 9.58am
  • Tokyo: Saturday 10 February, 7.58am
  • Singapore: Saturday 10 February, 6.58am
  • New Delhi: Saturday 10 February, 4.28am
  • Dubai: Saturday 10 February, 2.58am
  • Moscow/Istanbul: Saturday 10 February, 1.58am
  • Paris/Berlin: Friday 9 February, 11.58pm
  • London: Friday 9 February, 10.58pm
  • New York/Toronto: Friday 9 February, 5.58pm
  • Los Angeles/Vancouver: Friday 9 February, 2.58pm

Held within the arms of Aquarius, this New Moon is a channel through which the future comes into the now. A channel through which change can reach into the Earth. A channel through which unseen light, energy, information, perspectives, and opportunity shines through – reaching into our minds, our bodies, our fields.

It reminds us of our collaboration with life, with the flow and movement of evolution, with future potentials, with information and with the collective.

Our minds divine transmitters of wisdom, receptors of information, a tuning fork of frequency.

Our bodies vessels for change, for the future to become the present, for potential to become manifest.

Our visions, desires, and inspirations one with the growth, flow, and desires of life itself.

Whether we zoom in to the smallest atom in our body, or out into the multiverse and beyond, the more we are ourselves, the more we are Universe. The more we say yes to the visions that whisper our names, the more we say yes to the growth of the collective and beyond.

It shows us the spaces beyond our accepted boundaries, both individually and collectively. Beyond the structures we know and understand. Beyond the narratives we have been born into. What if there were different ways? New ways? What if change comes from exploring beyond these bounds, from looking beyond, above? What if it is through reaching higher, connecting our individual mind with the Universal mind, that we see beyond these bounds, narratives, and ways of being?

We are the conduits of change. Individual change. Collective change. The person that you are becoming is the person that is needed. The joys that inspire your heart are the joys that are needed. The creations that move through you are a part of this entire vast divine dance of evolution, existence, expansion.

And so, who is that person you feel yourself becoming? There is a ‘future’ self that is tapping you on the shoulder. Who are they? Can you bring them in? What are the creations that are calling your name? The excitements lighting up your body? The visions that seem to want you just as much as you want them?

You are a creator.

What you place into the Ethers responds to you. What you emanate comes back to you.

This New Moon asks that you remember this. That you remember your power as an individual being, and remember your interconnectedness with the flow of Life itself. As you choose, a chorus of angels sings in delight.

As you intend, All-that-is takes a breath in both relief and joy. As you say yes to the change you are here to embody, all of evolution thanks you. For you are being who you were destined to be.

Aquarius New Moon Ritual

To Be Who You Are

Access via the Flow with the Moon Membership.

A mixture of energy work, visualisation, future-self journeying and journalling.

This ritual reminds us that we are here to pour higher consciousness forth into the collective.

It reminds us that we are all here at a specific moment in time, on purpose as who we are, with our own path of evolution and growth – and that that path, and that unique energetic frequency that we are, is also of service and feeding into the collective evolution and growth.

We are each portals, we are each channels, for beauty, energy, movement, evolution, and growth to pour through from the cosmos and beyond, and into the earth.

We are the channels of change. We are the channels of growth. We are the channels of evolution.

Access this ritual via our Flow with the Moon Membership.

Aquarius New Moon Horoscopes

Aries Rising

To be radically oneself is to be a gift to the collective that we live in, and to offer ourselves to the growth and wellbeing of humanity is to find, become, and radiate more of who we are. We cannot be separated from the collective body of lives that live within the same moment of time and space as us. We cannot live outside of the lives of those that surround us.

This new Moon that invites you to be a conduit for your community, Aries Rising. With ideas, visionings, and openings meeting you specifically, so that you may become the person that not only you are meant to be, but through being that person, are of service, and a conduit of change, for your community.

Activate your Desires here.

Taurus Rising

This Aquarius New Moon is a door opening. A door that when opened, reveals new information, possibilities, ideas, and purpose filled desires. A door that when opened, has the potential to shift our direction. And for you, Taurus Rising, this door sits within the realm of your career and legacy, the long-term building of your visions, contributions, and even sense of purpose. What ideas are calling you? Can you open that door a little wider? Peer into what awaits beyond it? Perhaps even, step through it? There are opportunities in your career available Taurus. Much awaiting you. Where do you desire to go, be, do?

Activate your Desires here.

Gemini Rising

This New Moon is an expansion of the mind, Gemini. An expansion of what truth, wisdom, information, and the meaning of life and existence and being a human on this Earth means uniquely to you. What it is all? Play in this space. Let it open you. Let it expand you. Let Life show you. Let the Moon show you. Let nature show you. The mind is your doorway under this New Moon, your mind is the open channel. Let what comes through change you. Play with the channel that connects your mind to the Universal Mind.

Activate your Desires here.

Cancer Rising

Your body is a tuning fork of higher consciousness, Cancer Rising. Your unconscious one with the collective flow of ideas and potentials. Your emotions carriers of wisdom, intuition, and information. This New Moon invites you deep into your body, to listen to the currents of your emotion and the information it carries. It invites your consciousness into your unconscious – where they can begin pouring into one another, revealing truths, insights, and spaciousness for profound inner transformation. We might understand the cosmos to live in our skies, but this New Moon reminds you that all of it, everything, exists with your body. Your body is the portal.

Activate your Desires here.

Leo Rising

One of the most beautiful parts of our human experience is relationships, getting to come together with the other. And this new Moon highlights the expansion, growth, activation, magic, and insight that comes from simply being alive with another, or others, on this planet. It reminds us that oftentimes, others hold the frequency, are channels for the wisdom, are activators of exactly what the divine is communicating to us in each moment. Sometimes, it is in partnering with another that we seem to unlock the perfect moment of expansion, the new idea, the change that is ready to flow through – as if we were each a puzzle piece, and coming together creates the perfect channel.

Activate your Desires here.

Virgo Rising

This New Moon is a channel for big energies, Virgo Rising, yet it asks you to do what you do best and channel it through you smaller steps. It asks you to receive the insight, wisdom,  frequencies, the changes, and the activations streaming through this new Moon through your every day living. Your habits. Your rituals. Your taking care of your body as a conduit. Continue to tend to your everyday living – it is through these spaces that more light, freedom, ideas, space, exploration, health, and expansion can reach you.

Activate your Desires here.

Libra Rising

Aquarius’ symbolism is the water bearer pouring into the collective from its sacred vessel. Yet its not water that is being poured – it’s consciousness, inspiration, visioning, the future. This vessel is open both at the top and the bottom. We are the vessel. We are both receiving and pouring as we are creating. We are open to higher consciousness, and we pour it forth into the world around us. This New Moon highlights your vessel – asking you to create, to express, to share your visions (consciousness, inspiration, ideas) through the art of being you, and the art of creating. By you being, in fullness, in celebration, who you are, and expressing who you are into art, you are the vessel.

Activate your Desires here.

Scorpio Rising

This new Moon is an opening. A cracking open for higher consciousness to pour through. And for you, Scorpio Rising, it is cracking open the very foundations that make you, you. Your psychology, patterning, what we have learned when younger that has built the ground upon which we stand. It is cracking this ground open so that more light may come in, higher consciousness, a new way to be, see, understand, live. It is an opening of you, Scorpio, to let more of your truth in. it is a shifting and recalibration of your inner and outer reality.

Activate your Desires here.

Sagittarius Rising

It’s all about the Mind this new Moon, Sagittarius. Your mind is the channel. You are the channel. Your voice is the channel. Your words laced with new consciousness. Your mind the tuning fork to new ideas. Your listening, receiving, hearing the doorways through which guidance comes through. Your intuition tuned all the way up. What can you hear? What are you receiving? What are your words teaching you? What are the topics that are calling your name, the things you want to learn about, talk about, think about? Open wider to those, lean deeper into those, for there is much expansion waiting within them.

Activate your Desires here.

Capricorn Rising

A role in your purpose, Capricorn, is to build, in the tangible. To become, realised, your highest potential. You are here to manifest, build, climb – showing us what is possible in this tangible reality. This New Moon opens up what is possible, is brings in higher potentials, pours through new light and opportunity – all so that you may do what you do best and bring it into the earth and into your lived reality. And it comes with a specific area of life in mind – that of abundance, money, wealth, worth. What do you want to play with, create, manifest, realise, in this area of your life, Capricorn? And how can you think bigger, differently, outside of any box?

Activate your Desires here.

Aquarius Rising

A cracking open of who you are, Aquarius Rising. An expansion of who you are, Aquarius Rising. This New Moon brings more spaciousness to your sense of identity and Self, opening up what was once too small, too restricting. For you are here to embody and express your multidimensionality. You are here to embody new ways, new frequencies. You are here to be the channel of change and expansion. It is encoded in your selfhood, your identity, and the frequency you emit as you move through the world. And this new Moon brings more of this in, bringing an transformation and update to your sense of self. Give yourself permission to update – it can be that quick, easy, activating – your intention is everything.

Activate your Desires here.

Pisces Rising

Intuition. Dreams. Channelling. Visions. This new Moon asks you to connect to the mystical – for there is much waiting you there. Much information, codes, consciousness, ideas, guidance. Much light, insight, visions that is your preparation for Pisces Season upon the horizon and the rebirth of who you are. You are in a space of receiving, and it is through your connection to the unseen, the energetic, that you are downloading much. It is in your night time dreams that you unconscious is tapping into much and slowly filtering into your consciousness at a rate you have space and desire for. Through meditation, writing, creating art, visioning, and dream work much will be discovered.

Activate your Desires here.

Jordane Maree

Jordane Maree is Girl and Her Moon’s founder.

A devotee to the mystery and wonder of life, Jordane is a life-long learner and explorer, allowing each moment to be her greatest teacher.

From astrology, psychology, symbolism and energy work, to ancient teachings and poetry, she is here to sink into all that the divine human experience encompasses and connect with magical humans (you) along the way. Connect with Jordane in our Flow with the Moon Membership and Podcast.

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