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Aquarius Full Moon: Plugging into the Soul of Humanity & Awakening into Freedom

Aquarius Full Moon August 2020 - Girl and Her Moon

When we are in our light, shining as bright as we are destined to, we are lighting up the entire world.



  • Sydney: Tuesday August 4 – 1.58 am
  • Hong Kong: Monday August 3 – 11.58 pm
  • Moscow: Monday August 3 – 6.58 pm
  • Paris: Monday August 3 – 5.58 pm
  • London: Monday August 3 – 4.58 pm
  • New York: Monday August 3 – 11.58 am
  • Los Angeles: Monday August 3 – 8.58 am



Our August Full Moon in Aquarius.

What a gift this Full Moon is.

It’s a powerful Full Moon for illuminating truth and letting go of the rest.

It’s a powerful Full Moon for tapping into the collective Soul and returning to our oneness.

It’s a powerful Full Moon for downloading codes of Light, codes of energetic upgrades.



The Soul of Humanity

We are a collective energy, we are a collective Soul.

You and I, we, together, with what feels individual – our thoughts, our intentions, our energy – are pouring forth into a collective thought, intention, and energy.

A big pool of collective energy.

We are one.

This truth is the energy of Aquarius.

This Full Moon is sacred for many reasons, one being that she is sitting on Neptune’s North Node, which is a portal into the deepest vision of healing, psychic intuition, and creative imagination on both an individual and collective level.

Another is that we are receiving downloads, messages, energy, ideas, insights, inspiration at a rapid speed and strength with Lionsgate activated.

Sitting here La Luna is channelling potent truths:

When we follow our Soul, when we really tap into that space within us that holds deep wisdom and healing, that is one with Source energy, and choose to embody that energy, it is never just for our individual selves.

When we are living a Soul-led life, when we are embodying our truth, when we are healing our hearts, we are bringing Soul into the collective, we are bringing truth into the hearts of every individual around us, we are healing humanity.

When we are in our light, shining as bright as we were destined to, we are lighting up the entire world.

This Full Moon opens a clear channel of wisdom, ideas, inspiration, guidance and more. A clear channel intended to awaken, expand, and advance each of us individually and collectively.

This is the time to ask questions, this is the time to stretch yourself, this is the time to listen.

Each of us can open to these downloads. Each of us can receive this expansive energy.

We have created a ‘Codes of Light’ Soul Medicine Meditation inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership exactly for this.

To receive, to upgrade, and expand.


Uranus: Liberation, Change, Freedom

La Luna is also working very closely with Uranus this Full Moon, our planet of awakening, change, unconventionality, liberation, and freedom.

With this pairing comes the potential for great change, for great upheaval, to see everything and anything in a new light, to break free from constraints, whether of the mind, societal, physical, or energetic.

To break free and change habits, mindsets, perspectives.

To awaken completely.

To let go fully.

To choose again.

Change is powerful, awakening is powerful, upheaval is powerful – but it can also be difficult for a lot of us to move through such unsteadiness and instability.

Our humanness wants us safe, always, and it often pairs safety with comfort.

If you feel unsafe, if you feel fearful, if you feel unstable, remember this.

Remember that anything that falls away amidst shaky grounds is energy that is no longer meant for you.

All that is truth, all that is aligned, all that is you, will remain in strength. No matter how deeply shaken, it will remain.

If you have been holding onto certain parts of yourself or your life out of fear, that can be a big indication that you have outgrown them.

Can you zoom out far enough? 

Beyond the stories, beyond the identities, the separateness? 

Can you take a step back? Breathe in the beautiful air surrounding you?

You are here.

Zoom out far enough and let Life re-align your perspective.

Let Uranus show you what doesn’t fit, what you’re ready to let go of, or step into. 

Under this Full Moon let La Luna clear the way, let her show you what is not you. Let her highlight what no longer fits your expansive energy.

We are always growing, we are on a constant path of evolvement that at the same time leads us back home to our deepest truth and self.

This is a Full Moon to let go of control. Let go of it in your mind, in your body, in your energy.


Let this Full Moon be the beginning of something new

A new beginning of a new perspective that serves you. A new beginning of openness. 

Full Moon’s aren’t traditionally about new beginnings, but this Full Moon, this powerful Full Moon is going to be shaking  things up, and any shake up is an opportunity for change and new beginnings.

It is your decision.

You can choose.

You can choose to surrender to this incredible incredible energy that Life is bringing us, you can choose to let it guide you and fill you and hold you. You can choose to flow with it. You can choose to be one with silence, you can choose to be one with the moment, you can choose to let La Luna’s fullness shine over your being and fill you completely.



Codes of Light Meditation – With our guidance, enter into the portal of your heart, meet your Soul, replenish, renew, and upgrade your energy with Codes of Light downloads.

This powerful Soul Medicine Meditation and soul-work is inside of our Flow with the Moon Membership.

This is such an incredible, expansive, transformative Full Moon. If you are ready for more, if you are ready to remember – we are ready to work with you. Our Souls are ready to come together.

Commit to your Soul here.



Horoscopes For your Zodiac

We always recommend reading your Sun, Moon & Ascendant for a full overview. ⁣⁣⁣


Aries Girl and Her Moon


Aries let this Aquarius energy fill every inch of your being. This Full Moon is illuminating and showing you so much truth potential for your expansive future.

What are your greatest dreams? Your deepest wishes? Who do you want to be? What mark do you want to leave on this incredible Earth we are on? What impact do you want to leave on the hearts of all those around you?

This is powerful energy. With the expansive perception of Aquarius, with the transformative energy of Uranus, with your fiery passion, natural leadership, and will to do all that you can in this life – this is a potential tipping point, this can be a night you let everything change, transform, upgrade, begin.

What do you want for this life, Aries?

What does this life need from you?

Sit down in meditation, in creative expression, in deep connection with La Luna and let it all come to you. Ask your Soul to show you glimpses of your purpose. Ask La Luna how you can impact. Create the space and let it all come through.

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Taurus Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Taurus are you are centre-stage now.

This Full Moon is asking you to let go of any fear, any box, any belief, that is keeping you small, that is keeping you hidden, and leap.

You have so much wisdom, such magic to share with the world. And this Full Moon is illuminating this truth so brightly that every inch of you is filled with the strength to let go of all that is keeping you from your purpose.

This Full Moon is playing big and asking you to do the same.

Have you been hiding yourself away? Have you been feeling the call, but thought you weren’t ready? You are ready. You are ready. You are ready.

And the world is ready for you.

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Gemini Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Oh what a beautiful, expansive, growth-filled Full Moon this is for you, Gemini. This Full Moon is opening you, it is opening your eyes, your mind, your energy.

It is expanding the lens though which you see the world. It is opening the channel into higher spaces of thought.

Your mind is zooming out, zooming out so far that you are reminded of what a gift it is to simply be in this beautiful Life. That we are so lucky to be here, breathing the flow of air, being held by our beautiful Mother Earth, getting to connect and share ourselves with others, experience all that it means to be human.

This Full Moon is here to transform you through expansion. To take you so far in, and zoom you so far out, that you will be forever changed.

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Cancer Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Cancer this Full Moon is taking you deep within your Soul, it is taking you on a journey of inner transformation. It is illuminating truth, it is opening you up so deeply to your connection with the Universe, your connection to your Souls journey through lifetimes and times between.

It is highlighting parts of yourself that you are ready to see and feel, in order to transform. Parts of you that perhaps you haven’t yet accepted, parts of yourself that are in need of healing, parts of yourself that are in need of love… or letting go

Your connection is deep under this Full Moon, it is wide open. Time alone with your beautiful self, with La Luna, is exactly where this energy is guiding you. To be so loving, so accepting, so open for truth, that you move through every inch of yourself with healing energy. To venture through any darkness pouring love into it, that it becomes so light filled, so bright, so illuminating. To empower yourself, to embody yourself.

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Leo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Leo your big, beautiful, generous, giving, love-filled heart is ready to overflow and expand out into the world.

Your energy is such a blessing Leo. Your heart is such a blessing to this world. The way you care, the way you yearn to connect. It is what this world needs.

This Full Moon is shining a light on your connections, on your relationships.

Are you holding onto hurt that is getting in the way of sharing your love? Is fear keeping your heart isolated? Are you stopping yourself from connecting as deeply as your Soul really yearns for?

When we zoom our far enough, we are reminded that we are all here together, that connection, love, is what we are. We are reminded that we are one. That we are walking hand in hand, side by side, on this journey home. Individual, yet one.

Let go of the past hurt. It doesn’t fit anymore. Let go of any fear of sharing all that you are. You are a gift. Not only can your heart heal so many around you, but sharing your love will heal you, too.

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Virgo Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Virgo do you realise just how much wisdom is sitting inside of your beautiful body? How much guidance is flowing through your breath? The depth of magic moving through every inch of you?

This Full Moon is asking you to bring your attention to your home for this lifetime, your body.

Your body that loves you more than anything and anyone. Your body that does every single thing so that you can continue to experience this life. Your body is devoted, loving, in total awe of you – no matter how it has been treated in the past.

Take some time under this powerful Full Moon to connect with your beautiful body, to build a relationship with it. The beautiful body that you chose to be in – because it is perfect for your Souls purpose. Take some time to let go so completely that you let your body guide you into healing. To trust your body so completely that it finally has the opportunity to bring it’s wisdom to light.

Breath work, yoga, or any other embodiment practice is highly powerful tonight.

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Libra Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Libra this is a fun Full Moon for you. It’s a time to get creative, get romantic, get flirty, play, pour your full full heart into someone (whether yourself, or another) or something.

Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of the need to please. Let go of the expectations and rules that have been placed onto you.

They are not you. They were never you. Let go. Have fun. You are here to experience joy, you are here to soak up expansive experiences. You are here to share your big beautiful heart. You are here to flow Life through you into creative expression. Beautiful Libra, let it all out, have fun.

Let yourself feel alive.

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Scorpio Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Scorpio this Full Moon is nothing short of expansive. It is illuminating, it is allowing us to look into our highest potential as a humanity, and it is allowing us to shift all that isn’t in alignment with this potential.

And you are an important part of this shift. You are an incredibly important part of this shift, which is why this Full Moon is bringing it’s big and beautiful light into your comfort zone, into you the foundations that make you… you.

It’s time to look at your close surroundings, your family, your close friends, your home, and let yourself see it all from the perspective of your Soul. Your Soul wants what supports your growth, what nurtures your heart, what is comforting yet at the same time serves as a platform for you to go out into the world and share your magic.

It’s time to look at your life from your Souls eyes, and if there is anything that is less than you deserve, trust that you can let go.

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Sagittarius Symbol Girl and Her Moon


The inner workings of your beautiful mind is getting attention under this Full Moon, Sagittarius. The way you think, communicate, learn – your mind is ready to be taken to a completely new level.

There is great transformation occurring here, and with the powerful influence of Aquarius and Uranus you can expect some genius to come through, you can expect totally new ways of thinking and mental processing. And this Full Moon is beginning this transformation with clearing. Clearing away the old. Bringing your attention to what no longer serves you, to where you’re ready to transmute.

This is also an incredibly powerful time to receive through your mind. Whether through meditation, channelling, creative pursuits, reading, learning, or even conversations with others. Your mind may be busy this Full Moon, but the beginning of incredible things often are.

Find a way to flow this mental energy through you, whether art, writing, through conversation – this will create the space for the most beautiful growth.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Capricorn you are admired for your hard work, your perseverance, and your focus.

But this Full Moon asks the question; can you see your inherent worth outside of your work, outside of your productivity?

You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy.

And not just because of any of Capricorn traits. Not just because you are a hard worker. Not just because you preserve.

But because you are here. Because you are human. Because you are energy. Because you are love in motion.

You are worthy.

Take a moment, or many, under this incredible Full Moon to feel the worthiness inside of you. Feel it in your body. Picture it in your body. A big beautiful expansive light of worth.

This Full Moon is opening the way for so.much.abundance. so.much.creative.power. such.easy.manifestations.

And it is doing that by asking you to see, acknowledge, feel, and fully embody your worth.

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Capricorn Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Aquarius this Full Moon is a beautiful opportunity for transformation. It is a beautiful opportunity to let Life show you what no longer fits, whether it be a perspective, a belief, a habit, a way of living, a relationship. It all starts with Self… it all starts with you.

This is the time to look at yourself with love deeper than you have every allowed before. This is the time to zoom out and see how incredible and beautiful and lucky it is that you are here, and with this perspective, all that is in your Life that is less than this beautiful energy will finally be able to fall away.

This Full Moon in your sign will start the wheels of total self re-invention, but in a way that you’re not exactly creating someone new, or stepping into a new person, but rather, shedding all that isn’t you, all that was never you, and re-emerging as the most you that you have ever allowed yourself to be.

You are a gift. Your uniqueness. Your quirkiness. Your brilliant mind. Your sense of humour. Your independence. Let yourself embrace every inch of you, and let go of the rest.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾


Pisces Symbol Girl and Her Moon


Beautiful Pisces, you are being taken on a journey under this Full Moon. Your intuition so open, the veil completely lifted, your connection so deep. You are being taken into a space of deep wisdom and healing, inspiration and truth, guidance to awaken, expand, and advance – both individually and collectively.

You are a clear channel for downloads, for energy to flow through.

You are being asked to embrace all that makes you the beautiful Pisces that you are, so fully, with so much self-love and acceptance, that it awakens more depth than you ever knew was there.

Spend time in your energy, in your own space, clear and free from any outside influence that has been feeling heavy on your heart. Spend time connecting with yourself, however you do that. Spend time understanding the energy that is moving through you, however you do that.

Meditation, journaling, music, creative expression – however you connect. Connect.

Ready to go deeper? Find out more with a personalised Full Moon Reading ☾



All the love, always, Jordane x

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