A big week in Astrology: October 23 – 29

It’s a huge week in the cosmos with many invitations, directions, and insights calling our name.

Scorpio energy takes us deep within, ruling the week ahead with Scorpio Season, Venus in Scorpio, Mercury in Scorpio, and a deeply impactful Scorpio Solar Eclipse taking the spotlight.

Saturn finishes its retrograde bringing greater awareness and insight, and our planet of luck and expansion, Jupiter, enters the mystical waters of Pisces reminding us that the Divine is found within.


October 23: Venus enters Scorpio

Venus is our feminine goddess of love, beauty, relationships, and self-worth. As a planet, Venus in astrology also speaks to harmony, comfort, pleasure, and even financial abundance.

Like all planets, Venus takes on a different style of expression as she moves through each zodiac sign, and as she moves through Scorpio beginning on the 23rd, the energy is nothing short of transformative, intuitive, and passionate.

Venus and Scorpio coming together bring an intensity to our relationships and the way in which we experience love. It’s intimacy and its focus, it’s desire and potential for deep inner healing. Scorpio isn’t here for surface level connection; it is here to connect only at the deepest level.

Venus entering Scorpio is the first planet to usher us into this watery zodiac, with others following quickly after.


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October 23: Scorpio Season

As the Sun moves through each sign, it is like a big, beautiful light shining on what has been previously unseen, and while in Scorpio, it’s all about the unseen.

Scorpio is the corners of Self that are hidden in the depth of our inner worlds. It is our vulnerabilities and fears, our inner psyche, and our deep embodied intuition.

During Scorpio Season, we are invited to return to the wisdom of our bodies, to the emotions waiting to be acknowledged, and into a deep surrender and trust in what we cannot control. It’s a season that asks us to strip back the layers of armour that we have built around us and to sit in our vulnerabilities.


October 23: Saturn Direct in Aquarius

Saturn in astrology is a planet relating to limitation, responsibility, and authority. Often compared to the ‘strict father’ archetype, it is a planet that knows that we learn and grow best through experience.

We see our strength when we are presented with challenge. We come to know and embody our worth when that worth comes into question. We know our limitlessness when we are presented with limitation.

First entering the zodiac of Aquarius in early 2020, October 23rd brings an end to the final retrograde that began in June, closing a chapter that we have been walking for over two years.

As Saturn re-emerges from its seemingly backwards motion, we are presented with a new perspective and invited to explore how our hardships of the last two years have shaped us, how we have grown, what we have realised about ourselves, and how these challenges have provided our greatest opportunities.


October 25: Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse

The energy of a new Moon, plus so much more.

This week’s new Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is not only the astrological highlight of the week, but it is also a major theme of October and one of the main cosmic happenings of 2022.

Where the New Moon and Solar Eclipse energy brings an opening of a brand-new chapter, we are also immersed in the energy of Scorpio; that of release, surrender, and metaphorical death.

Like all great things are, this Eclipse is both a beginning and an ending.

Filled with the potential for renewal and rebirth, it reminds us that first we must walk through the flames of all that is no longer us – fears, stories, wounds, patterns – before we may re-emerge.

Here we are given the hope needed to radically let go of all that is not our deepest inner truth, all so that we may come into deeper communion with what is.

Read more about the Solar Eclipse here, or all of Eclipse Season here.


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October 28: Jupiter Retrograde enters Pisces

Jupiter is our planet of growth, good luck, abundance, and joy, with a deeply intuitive relationship with wisdom and higher knowledge. It is a planet that reminds us that life is on our side, and growth is our natural state.

Jupiter was in Pisces in January to April of this year, and on the 28th moves back into this mystical sign while in retrograde. Here we can see themes of these earlier months presenting themselves once again for review, exploration, and for greater healing and growth.

Whilst in retrograde, the outward and expressive energy of Jupiter turns inward. Instead of bringing expansion to our outer world, it expands from within the self, bringing growth to our inner wishes and dreams, and our wisdom and knowing. While in Pisces, this inner exploration takes on a dreamy energy.

It’s a spiritual time where our connection to what we may call God, the Universe, or the Divine, is where our greatest growth and healing will take place.

Take the space to reflect on your journey of abundance, growth and optimism.

Allow yourself to explore your level of trust and safety as you lean into hope, adventure, joy and expansion.

Ponder how your relationship to something greater may be a part of this.


October 29: Mercury enters Scorpio


Mercury joins the Sun, Venus and South Node in the watery depths of Scorpio on the 29th.

Here the mind and body come together.

Our logic turns to emotion.

And our thinking laser focused.

In astrology, Mercury represents all things pertaining to the mind. It’s how we take in information around us, process it, and express it. It is our thinking, learning, and communication. And so, as it moves through the zodiacs, our minds begin to take on the energy, speed, and intentions of the zodiac it sits in, as if we have put on a new pair of zodiac-coloured glasses, we begin to process the world through that colour and lens.

Being a planet that is much closer to us physically, when Mercury moves into a new sign, it is a change that shows up in our day to day lives in a prominent way.

While Mercury is in Scorpio there is an intensity brought into the mind, a laser focus to our thoughts, and a depth and truth expressed through our communication.

This is a time of exploring our inner psyche, where mystery captures our attention, and each word expressed holds a piercing layer of power to it.

We are invited to return to the wisdom of our bodies, and the awareness that knowing doesn’t always come from the mind, nor does it always require logic to also hold truth.

As Scorpio strips away the layers, Mercury brings it to the mind, revealing inner vulnerabilities and fears.

This is a time of exploring our inner psyche, where mystery captures our attention, and each word expressed holds a piercing layer of power to it.

Mercury in Scorpio invites truth to be revealed at last, and deep desires to be awakened within us.

Invite deep honesty with yourself.

Throughout the immense healing and transformation taking place, the focus of Scorpio energy will ask you to explore whether you have greater capacity within your emotional body and nervous system to be with what you may have not previously had the capacity to be with.


~ Your invitation

This week takes us by the hand and wanders us through the depth of our inner worlds. We are being asked to witness our strength, our inner power, our sense of safety in the world, and our connection to the divine.

As Venus enters Scorpio; bring truth into your relationships. Explore the depth of your connection with another, knowing that it is only through bearing all that you are, that you may be loved and accepted for all that you are.

Allow yourself to be guided by the intuition that sits deep within your body as Scorpio Season begins. It desires to hold you where you may rather run from, show you what you may rather not see, and place you into the centre of any discomfort – all so that you can walk straight into and through, so that you may heal, transform, re-emerge.

When Saturn shifts its motion and moves forward once again, explore whether you can notice the hidden gifts cloaked in challenges experienced over the last four months. What felt like struggle, and what lessons are waiting on the other side to be noticed.

Let the Scorpio Solar Eclipse burn away all that is not yours, so that you may step into real inner power, real inner safety, real inner trust and sense of belonging in this life. This is an entirely new beginning in the journey of our lives.

There is a direct doorway to the divine that is found only within, and as Jupiter retrograde re-enters Pisces, allow yourself to step through it. Allow this reconnection to a sense of magic remind you of your oneness and inherent belonging in the Universe.

As the week comes to an end and Mercury joins the underworld of Scorpio, explore each word expressed as if it held the power of the creation. Use the laser mental focus of Scorpio to explore your inner worlds, look at your mental patterning and any beliefs that are not yours to carry.

A busy week in our skies and therefore within, this week is an opportunity for a deep renewal of ourselves and of our lives.


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