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Podcast Ep 3: Trust Your Soft Knowing

Trust Your Soft Knowing Girl and Her Moon

Episode 3:

Trust Your Soft Knowing

A short and sweet dip into Soul, self, and connection with Jordane. Exploring intuition, inner knowing, softening into doubt and fear, and the magic and potency of our words.

Enjoy! xx



I ask that you see the divine creation in your words.

As if everything you say is accompanied with a magic wand, or a click of your fingers into creation.

I ask that you visualise a beautiful weaving of realities, creation, and possibility flowing from your tongue with each word that is expressed.”



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Hi beautiful, Jordane here!

Thank you so much for being here with me. This is episode 3 of Girl and Her Moon the Podcast, which is still so new, exciting, unexplored, and raw.

This is going to be a quick episode just to dip into our connection together, to swim in some magic and bring some divinity into our day.

I knew in my being that when we were to first shared this podcast into the world that there would be three episodes. Just a knowing disguised as an assumption.

And when Nat and I recorded around 2 and a half hours together, I thought that was it. There would be a welcome episode, and then I would split the 11 Numerology episode into two. But when I was in the recording editing, I realised there was no clear spot to split it, it just wouldn’t make sense.

And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m referring to the episode before this one. Episode 2 with Nat Olsen about the numerology of May and it is quite magical if you desire to explore that one.

So after realising it wouldn’t make sense to split that episode into two, I was then aware that we only have 2 episodes to upload. Still intuitively certain that three would be present when we share this space for the first time in a public way.

So here I am in my mind thinking – I need to create something else. What am I going to talk about? I have nothing to share? What if I can’t think of something…. And all that goes with it. There are still the new journey jitters – and this was them in action.

Yet at the same time. It’s felt like something has been knocking on my door of awareness the past few days. I think a lot has, actually.

Maybe you know this feeling.

You feel the soft pull to go into a space where you can be alone where you can listen to yourself. You feel a soft pull to go and bathe in nature because there is a message waiting to be heard. You feel a soft pull to pull out your journal or pick up your paint brushes. There is something. Something. Something desiring to flow through you. Something tapping on your shoulder asking for attention.

And so I was witnessing this morning how both can be present at once. The soft intuitive knowing and trust, that you, in your body, know something – like I knew there would be 3 episodes – and at the same time, the story your mind is playing from a doubtful space – saying, I can’t think of anything, I have nothing to say, I have to come up with something quick.

They can both be present. Both the knowing and the doubt.

They can both be present and not cancel each other out.

And I ask that if they have been for you, – both doubt and knowing, or both fear and trust-  to softly and beautifully nurture the mind that holds fear, and with that we naturally flow into our knowing state.

I find peace when I befriend my fear.

I find love when I nurture my doubt.

I find wisdom when I love my inner child who still searches for guidance and knowing outside of herself.

Don’t let the doubt of the mind question your inner knowing. Let the befriending with the doubt of your mind lead you into your inner knowing.

So today, after a beautiful morning and about 2 days of knowing that there was 1 more episode knocking on my door to come through.

I sat down and I began to write.

I can feel the energy of Mercury Retrograde beginning to come into my experience.

Where there is an emphasis and reminder of the importance of my words.

Also a lot of re-visiting past things. Last night I revisited an old project from last year that I’ve been wanting to create with but approaching it this time I feel myself coming from a totally different perspective and therefore moving and creating in a totally different direction.

I’ve also been going intuitively guided to explore old word documents from the past few years that are filled with words, with poetry, with beauty and pain, with letters to God and exciting dreams.

But the reason I’m mentioning Mercury Retrograde is because I can see the influence of Mercury in the words that came through when I sat down this morning to write.

I began with this:

I know there is another 1:1 episode desiring to come through before we upload the podcast.

There’s 3, but there 2 are only recorded. What is this third one about? I wouldn’t feel 3 if there wasn’t a third already created and ready to be expressed.

After that, I wrote some more and this is what came through:

I ask that you see the divine creation in your words.

As if everything you say is accompanied with a magic wand, or a click of your fingers into creation.

I ask that you visualise a beautiful weaving of realities, creation, possibility flowing from your tongue with each word that is expressed.

A little bit of love expressed through these words. A little bit of joy expressed through some others. An exciting idea here. And a confident love for self there.

Imagine all these ingredients coming together as you say the words. Sparking together. Creating together. Weaving their unique essences together to form what is your path ahead. To form what is your life. To form what is you.

As if every word is a stroke of your paint brush on the canvas of your life.

Creating the image.

Creating the reality.

Every stroke.

Every word.

What are you painting?

Let this short time together be your reminder to trust what you intuitively know.

Let this short time together today remind you to soften into your fears, nurture your doubts, soothe your inner child that only desires love.

Let this short time together today remind you to see the power in your words.

To witness each one as if it were a stroke of your paint brush creating your art – your art which is your life.

This month we’re going to be recording with the beautiful Noush, who if you haven’t met yet is one of our magical astrologers here at Girl and Her Moon and I’m so excited to get to explore whatever presents itself in that conversation.

So stay tuned for that.

Again if you enjoyed this short and sweet little exploration together, please share it on whatever platform you’re on, and if you tag us, and we will re-share your beautiful self.

Thank you for being here. I adore you. May you also adore you. May you look up to the Sun today and remember your magic.



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All of it is welcome here.


All my love,


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