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Podcast Ep 2: The Magic of 11 & the Numerology of May

The Magic of 11 & the Numerology of May Girl and Her Moon

Episode 2:

The Magic of 11 & the Numerology of May with Natalie Olsen

Natalie Olsen is a philosopher, numerologist, spiritual coach and all round magical human.

Together in this episode we explore the energy of 11 through the lens of numerology.

May in numerology is an 11 month, and 11 is what is called a master number and holds a beautiful intensity and magic in its essence.

Together we will explore what that means, how to align with and open to its power, and how it fits into the overall energy of 2022.

We also dive into connecting with intuition, seeing repeating numbers, a little about relationships, and finish with the last part of the episode very raw and quite up close and personal.


Join us as we explore:

 The essence of 11 in numerology

2022 as a 6 universal year

May as an 11 universal month

⊹ Repeating numbers

⊹ Up close and personal with Nat and Jordane


It is a longer conversation, and it was such a joy to have and if you resonate with Nat’s energy you can find her below!

Enjoy! xx



“Basically what the 11 of May is saying is to go to the next level and feed your garden, to see what you want flourish, you have to go through this rite of passage of  listening to your inner voice, becoming best friends with yourself, and trusting your inner guidance over what you’re hearing from the outside.”



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About Girl and Her Moon, the Podcast

Join us as we:

Explore our hearts in one-on-one conversations.

Dive into our oneness with the cosmos through astrology and numerology.

Explore soul-based systems through which we can understand the world.

From topics like self-worth, creativity, expression, intuition, Soul, coming home to self. To astrology, numerology, tarot, channelling, business, energy, healing, akashic records and more. And topics that are undefinable and ungraspable. Exploring what it means to be alive, to be rooted in both our divinity and humanness, and returning to the space where they are one.

Hosted by Girl and Her Moon’s founder, Jordane Maree, this Podcast is a space to connect, share our experience, and become one for a moment.

There are no expectations here. Only spaciousness and invitations for truth.

At the core of this adventure:

Connection. Vulnerability. Authenticity. Truth. Love. Expansion. Realness.

Where we share from truth, not fear.

Where we witness the innate power in our vulnerability.

Where we take off the masks of expectation, of needing-to-know-it-all, of performance, of abandoning-the-self to fit in.

Where we explore self, and all that we meet as we stumble our way through this beautiful human experience.

Where we value all cycles of being alive. The moments of cracking open, the moments of beautiful bloom, the moments of confusion and doubt, the moments of excitement and clarity.

Where we value the breaking open and the becoming.

All of it is welcome here.


All my love,


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