Soul Remembrance Soul Work


A guided meditation, Soul journey, energy upgrade, and intuitive writing ritual.

Because you are here for more. You are here for magic. You are here for deep inner fulfilment.

This pre-recorded journey is created for the pivotal time in your Life where your Soul is calling out for more, calling out for a re-alignment of your Life and a release of all you are ready to leave behind.

Journeying deep into the heart, into the cosmos, and into your inner sacred temple, this soul work connects you to your Soul Council and your Soul to remember your unique essence, your unique path for this lifetime, and renew your sense of belonging, inner trust, and self-confidence.

With four additional pages of writing prompts designed to access all of the wisdom, answers and guidance your Soul is waiting to share with you.


Soul Remembrance Soul Work Girl and Her Moon


What you receive:

1 x Soul Remembrance Audio Journey

1 x Interactive PDF Guide


Instant Email.

After check out you will receive an email with a link to download the guide.

Please download the Soul Work PDF onto your device and work through it in Adobe Acrobat. Working on it through your browser will not allow you to save your information. Adobe Acrobat works on all devices and is a free program.


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