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This reading will look at Mercury Retrograde September 27 – October 18.

What it means specifically for you, and guidance from your Soul surrounding how to surrender, grow, heal, and transform through this time of inward review.

This reading will use a combination of Tarot, Astrology, Intuitive insight, and more, to take you on a journey within, to bring to light all that is ready to be brought to your awareness, and to lean into the support of this Retrograde to bring you your highest transformation and soul growth.

It will be the clear channel and safe space for Universal guidance, astrological guidance, and soul guidance to flow through.

This is a powerful time of awakening for us all collectively.

Our deepest intention with this reading is to take advantage of, and align our Souls with, the awakening energy that is surrounding us.


  • Overall Retrograde message
  • How to grow and expand through the energy
  • Universal Guidance
  • Messages from your Soul
  • Any question you might have

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Method: Recorded video

Duration: Up to 40 minutes

Delivery: 5 – 10 days

*** Please note live (FaceTime/Skype/Phone) readings are not available at this time. No booking is necessary***

Readings done by Girl and Her Moon’s intuitives, healers and tarot readers, DilosH, Kapualani & Zofiia.


Dilosh Girl and Her MoonKapualani Girl and Her MoonZofiia Girl and Her Moon


To select your reader please find the ‘Select Reader’ drop down menu in the Purchase Form.

During your reading your reader will use a combination of Tarot training and intuitive skills, such as numerology, astrology, clairvoyance, and mediumship, to delve deeper into your Souls guidance.



  1. Luci (verified owner)

    Words cannot express how grateful I am for the reading I received from Kapualani. What an amazing gift you have! I laughed and cried with joy and felt beyond connected. Everything that was said couldn’t be more spot on. Really helped me deepen my faith and keep the flow of “levelling up” going. I’ll definitely be getting more readings in the future. Cannot wait! thanks so much for you time and sharing your amazing skill. Much love x

  2. Krystal (verified owner)

    Kapualani has an amazing gift – I always look forward to watching her monthly tarot readings as a GAHM member, and was beyond excited to gift myself a personal reading for this Mercury retrograde! The messages that came through were absolutely, totally resonant with me at this time in my life, as I’ve been in a “holding pattern” for a while, in this weird transitional space that’s neither here nor there, and I kept feeling like I’m on a cusp of something big. the messages that came through confirmed that I’m coming to a place of breakthrough, just as I’d hoped and felt was happening! I KNOW deep down that the messages that Kapualani received were intuited specifically for me in this moment of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for her insightful reading! Thank you so much, dear moon sister! <3

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