Energy Healing

Bring balance to your energy - Bring balance to your life

The world in which we exist is a world of energy

Energy healing works with this knowing that we, as physical humans, are energy, and that any physical, mental or emotional imbalance is the physical manifestation of an imbalance of energy.

Our aim of your session is to bring about balance and harmony to your body’s energy system – and in turn, bring about balance and harmony to your physical, mental and emotional being.

Your healing will be facilitated by DilosH, who is professionally trained in and utilises Quantum energy healing, Pranic healing, and Reiki in each session along with her intuitive and clairvoyant skills.

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As energy is not bound by time and space, it can be felt anywhere, at any time. The healing will meet you wherever you are physically, energetically and emotionally.

A session of energy healing is for cleansing, energising, raising the frequency of the aura, mending and cleansing the aura, clearing blocks and cutting chords.

It is not necessary to do anything to receive healing, however we recommend creating a sacred space at the time of the scheduled session.

It is important to have an open heart during the day of your healing. You may or may not immediately notice the effects, but generally feelings of warmth, expansion, pulsing, tingling, deep relaxation, heightened awareness and an increase in energy.

Some may feel old emotions coming to the surface to be released. Each session is very unique depending on your individual energy and what it needs – you can trust that whatever your soul is in need of, it will receive.

Following your healing session, you can expect a feeling of physical, mental and emotional health and expansion. If you have physical pain of chronic health issues, you should feel this subsiding within a few days!

A follow up email will be sent within 72 hours containing insights on your healing and intuitive guidance in your moving forward.


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Why the World is Turning to Energy Healing

  • • Anxiety, stress, fatigue, anger, phobias, physical disease, fears, trauma, limiting beliefs, inability to/low quality of sleep, feeling ‘stuck’ or ‘living’ in the past
  • • Volatile emotions, negative patterns of thinking, lack of self-worth/love, the incessant need to be right, being highly reactive, looking for answers outside of yourself, blaming others
  • • Inability to stop thinking about a person, mental story creations (particularly about/with another person), fear of judgement/criticism, constant memories or emotions arising, temptation of, or the act of going back to or into relationships that do not serve you, inability to move on from a person or situation, deep feelings of sadness, anger and depression around the past
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