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Full Moon Goddess Circle Soul Work


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A guided meditation, Soul journey, energy upgrade, and intuitive writing ritual.

The intention of this journey is to surrender deep into the divine feminine, and to connect with your circle of goddesses – those of our lineage, those that are deeply connected with our Souls, the powerful divine feminine energies that are working closely with us in this journey and beyond.

It is a pre-recorded journey in collaboration with the Earth, with the Full Moon, and with your beautiful, supportive, and soul-connected goddess sisters, that you can move through in your own time, at your own pace, in your own space.

You are deeply held, we are all so deeply held and supported and loved – yet so many are pinched off from allowing ourselves to receive and feel that support and love.

This journey is intended to be the sacred and potent space where you can safely open to that support and love, and to truly and fully, be held.


Full Moon Goddess Circle Soul Work Girl and Her Moon


What you receive:

1 x Full Moon Goddess Circle Audio Journey

1 x Interactive PDF Guide


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After check out you will receive an email with a link to download the guide.

Please download the Soul Work PDF onto your device and work through it in Adobe Acrobat. Working on it through your browser will not allow you to save your information. Adobe Acrobat works on all devices and is a free program.


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