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Podcast Ep 5: Exploring Astrology with Noush

Podcast Ep 5 Exploring Astrology with Noush Girl and Her Moon2

Episode 5:

Exploring Astrology with Noush

Noush is Girl and Her Moon’s astrologer, intuitive, and overall magic human.

Throughout this episode we explore Noush’s introduction into Girl and Her Moon, her divinely guided journey with astrology and really beautiful connection with this art.

Noush explores how astrology can help us understand, connect with, and deepen our relationships with the people in our lives, and how we can let our natal chart and current transits to act as a support when we are facing difficulty in our live .

She guides us into looking our chart in a holistic way, and the best places to begin to unpack our own relationship with astrology, with self-reflection and tracking cycles and major events in our lives.

We really wanted to create the opportunity for you, our community, to get to know the human behind our monthly astrology readings in the membership, or all of your 1:1 astrology readings – to get to know Noush the soul behind the wisdom, the human behind guidance and the knowledge.

This conversation holds beautiful guidance into both astrology and this entire human experience.

We’re also holding a giveaway for a 1:1 live Astrology Reading with Noush!

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And I also would love to extend the invitation for you to join us on the 13th of this month inside of our Sagittarius Full Moon circle for an hour and a half of connection, astrology, movement and meditation.

These circles are free for all flow with the moon members, and we would love to invite you in.

Enjoy the episode, I adore you, thank you for being here.

Jordane x



“How you can feed yourself energy when you’re feeling down, you’re feeling low, when you’re feeling a little deflated ?

That’s your Sun.

Where is it placed? Where it’s placed is how you can feel recharged.”

“What sign is your ascendant in?

That sets the stage for which areas of life are being activated at any point in time.

So once you know your ascendant you can start to really understand what’s being activated for you at any given point in time based on the transits.

And then it kind of helps you unfold how you can best show up in different parts of your life based on which signs are ruling the other houses in your chart.”

“Your Moon sign can give you a really good indication about how to feel at ease in your body, in your emotional body.

What gives you that feeling of safety and comfort?

What do you need to feel at ease and how can others give you that feeling of comfort, and as well, how can you express that to others?”

“There’s so much gray area in Astrology, so it can be experienced in so many different ways that having a choice I would say, wouldn’t it be better to experience it in the highest possible manifestation of their energy?

Of course there are going to be challenging periods as well and I think it’s about really sifting through those points and those moments and seeing what else is being communicated to you at that time, because this is not the only thing that’s active.

There’s such a complex tapestry of activity that’s activating your specific chart at any particular moment. So how can we extrapolate that tapestry to bring light to an energy that can support you if something else is trying to really bring you down or if something else is really trying to break you open?”



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About Girl and Her Moon, the Podcast

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From topics like self-worth, creativity, expression, intuition, Soul, coming home to self. To astrology, numerology, tarot, channelling, business, energy, healing, akashic records and more. And topics that are undefinable and ungraspable. Exploring what it means to be alive, to be rooted in both our divinity and humanness, and returning to the space where they are one.

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Where we value all cycles of being alive. The moments of cracking open, the moments of beautiful bloom, the moments of confusion and doubt, the moments of excitement and clarity.

Where we value the breaking open and the becoming.

All of it is welcome here.


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