Mini blog: How love opened up every inch of me

8 Jan 2019 – feeling extra grateful for my beautiful man today. Hence, this mini blog. Just a few words dedicated to him ♡

I am an Aries, I am a proud and loud feminist, I am strong, independent, I’m fiery. And I love this side of me. But for 21 years of my life, this was the only side of me I knew existed, and looking back, it was nothing compared to the strong, independent person I am now.

But then, he came into my life.

Loving the way I love him; unconditionally, passionately, fiery yet so soft, like I have known him a million times before, and receiving that exact love in return, has opened up every inch of me, exposed and vulnerable to the world. It has allowed me to feel, to see beauty everywhere I look, to experience life with such vibrant, beautiful colour. It has allowed me to truly know myself, to love myself. My heart had never felt so full. Suddenly, anything is possible. This new found, genuine, confidence in me, in him and in us, opens up a world where anything is possible. As long as we are us, we can take on the world.

This confidence and self-love I now have is nothing like the confidence and self-love I thought I possessed. It has brought upon a softness of me that I treasure so, so much. It isn’t the me with the tallest walls around her, made from the strongest bricks known to man, locked from every inch convincing herself I ‘just don’t need anyone, I’m a strong and independent’. It isn’t the confidence that I was showing the world in hopes of hiding and denying my many real insecurities. It isn’t the fake self-love to make up for my self-loathing. No, it is pure. It is real. It is beautiful. And it is because he showed me real love.



Love changes us, it changes the world we see and experience. And I hope, it finds opportunity to change you too.




A note to my other half:

The love I have for you, my dear, is the most powerful thing in this life, I am so grateful to your soul. Thank you for being you, and thank you for loving me like you do.

J x

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February 13, 20197:37 pm

What beautiful words of love and appreciation.

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