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We love your contributions!

Girl and Her Moon has thousands of visitors and dedicated readers each week, and we would love to have your words in front of them – your unique wisdom, passion, knowledge and energy to share.

Through writing with Girl and Her Moon, you have the opportunity to share your beautiful words and pieces of wisdom with the world; you will become part of our mission – to raise the vibration of this planet word by word. From all areas of spirituality, self-growth, inspiration, self-love and the magic of life.

If you are interested in contributing to the Girl and Her Moon blog, please email submissions@girlandhermoon.com with your piece, any links (social media platforms, website etc) and the name you would like to contribute under.

Please read before submitting:

  • Write to your audience. Write to the women learning how to care for their hearts, the women moving through their spiritual path – write directly to them. They will feel that when reading your words.
  • Make sure your audience is getting something from your words – wisdom, love, inspiration, knowledge. As much as we adore seeing your beautiful journal pieces about your journey – please make sure you are communicating it in a way that your audience can take and benefit from.

Please be patient with your submissions, we are a small team – but will always do our best with getting back to you.


Spiritual Work 

Girl and Her Moon is always expanding, and with this expansion comes room for beautiful new ways to service and heal our community.

Are you a reader, astrologist, healer, or anything of the like, looking for a platform and audience to open your work to the world? We are interested in your magic.

If you would like to offer your services through Girl and Her Moon, please email support@girlandhermoon.com outlining your area of expertise, experience, and how you believe you could add to the Girl and Her Moon community.