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Girl and Her Moon is the leading community for all that is spiritual; self-love, tarot, astrology, numerology, personal growth, manifestation and so much more!

This beautiful community and brand started in 2018 and has evolved into what you see today. Currently offering Astrology Readings, Tarot Readings, Numerology Readings, our beautiful Living in Flow Membership, Courses and weekly blogs of wisdom and human realness – and, who knows what else in the future, there are literally, no limits.

At Girl and Her Moon, we believe that your relationship and connection with yourself (and by yourself, we mean the beautiful human side of you, as well as your soul, Higher Self and connection to Source) is where it all starts. Looking at and developing a deep connection with yourself is where you can begin to create and live a life of complete magic, a life that you have always wanted, a soul led life.

Our aim is to raise the vibration of this magical world; one word, reading, course and interaction at a time. We want to bring soul-based work out of the closet and into the mainstream. We want to help you reach your fullest potential, so you can help others reach their fullest potential, and on and on and on it goes, lighting up this world.

If you take one thing from Girl and Her Moon let it be this; you are seen, you are understood, you are never alone, and you are absolutely amazing.




FREE PERSONAL READINGS?!: We offer a free reading every new month on Instagram! Come connect here.


WEEKLY YOUTUBE READINGS: Weekly Tarot Readings on YouTube! Yeeeesssss!!!


ASTROLOGY READINGS: Astrology can be incredibly useful as a tool to understand the mind better – your motives, your reactions, attractions and more. It gives you insights into lessons you are here to learn and things that you need to overcome. It gives you an indication on where your life will flow when you surrender to the life force that is moving through you.

Your astrological chart represents your unique, magical, singular presence in this world. It covers your inner psychological world, your spiritual essence and the merging of your energy with life itself. And yes, this often means it is completely full of contradictions, but, that’s pretty spot on isn’t it – we as humans are completely full of contradictions!


TAROT READINGS: There is something just so magical about Tarot – magic that millions of people across the globe have experienced. With our readings in particular, we work on accessing your souls intuitive knowing and translating it into clear, tangible guidance; allowing you to step forward and into flow with your unique, magical path for this lifetime.

We work with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self, Souls Knowing and Source itself. Tarot is the translation of your own inner quiet, guiding magic – it is not fortune telling, it is not strict instructions to follow, rather it is the symbolism of energy. We have lots of different readings available – come check them out!


NUMEROLOGY READINGS: Numerology is based on the premise that nothing is a coincidence; everything is deeply connected and exists in perfect synchronicity with everything else.

To say that our birthday, time and name determine our path is wildly incorrect – we determined our path in this lifetime, and numerology is here as a simple reminder of this choice. Prior to our incarnation each of us wrote a soul contract for ourselves and chose the name, birth date and birth time that corresponds with this soul contract; clearly knowing the right mathematical day and time to come into this world. Numerology is here to remind us of our chosen path.

Numerology Readings coming soon!


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